Sunday, August 25th


My mother’s birthday today!  We were out at the lake from Thursday afternoon until about 5pm today. Celebrated my Mother’s birthday!  Thanks for the cake and lemon pie grandma!  I guess it was mom’s birthday, so you had to put that gross meringue on the pie, mom took mine of course. 


It’s so quiet out there, I sleep very well.  It’s probably the relaxing atmosphere out there!  Doesn’t seem to matter where Kim is, she hits the pillow and she’s out 30 seconds later.  I’m awake, listening to my iPod for about 1 ½ hours.


We celebrated mom’s birthday Saturday evening since it worked out better for Mitch and Rachel’s schedule. 


All in all a relaxing weekend for us, other than Brewster freaking out when he heard fireworks going off Saturday around supper time.  A thunder jacket doesn’t work for him. We know were not supposed to try and make him feel at ease, he shakes violently and is terrified so I always hold him and tell him everything is fine while he pants and drools on me, goober, good thing he’s cute!  I’m sexy, furry and cuddly just like Brewster is cute, furry and cuddly.  Kim has to chose between his drool and my sweat!


Condo news.  Kim got a call on the weekend from the real estate agent selling the condo and it won’t be ready until November.  My parents just got rid of Mitch and here I come back with Kim and Brewster, yep I’m bringing friends with me. 33, living with my parents and I don’t have a job.  I guess my disability check counts as an income, sort of, until I’m 65 that is, hopefully I’ll be working before that!


At the moment we are O.I.N.K.s not D.I.N.K.s!  One Income No Kids not Double Income No Kids and Kim’s only working 12.5 hours a week whenever she feels like working!  I liked my job and have a diploma from SIAST that doesn’t really mean anything now unless my double vision goes away and when I can walk on my own.


I’m really tired of being requested to do things I don’t miss one bit, like going into the hot tub at the lake or riding in mom’s golf cart out there.  I enjoy sitting around not really doing much at the lake.  Why would I waste my time and energy to sit in a HOT tub up 3 steps with shorts, not a bathing suit, when it’s already past 80F outside?  I don’t get the attraction?  I’m already sweating profusely without being in a HOT tub.  I’m like my Uncle Ken, I sweat anywhere and everywhere and I’ll probably be changing into shorts in the winter after we go anywhere. I’m warm all of the time!


I like going to the lake, don’t get me wrong.  My one problem is the tiny washroom at the back that always smells like urine and is so small that men can’t stand up, and when you sit down your knees are right against the wall in front of you. Mostly just the smell bothers me, at least we’re not using the outhouse anymore!


Yes, I’m a grumpy old man at 33 years of age, lucky Kim.      


Interesting news article


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook

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