Thursday, August 22nd


Help out the Canadian MS society by purchasing a teen burger from A&W (if only it was Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen, they should really match up those days.  I guess I could pretend that it’s Miracle Treat Day?  Kim won’t go for that, at least I don’t think she will?  I’ll ask Mitch if he wants to take me there?  Or I could start rolling my wheelchair in that direction……………wait, where was I).


It’s now 7:30am.  I’ve been awake just about all might.  A tea before bed time was a bad idea.  I listen to my iPod at night, even when I had my bedroom downstairs at my parents house, I’d fill it with 5 CDs and listen to it very quietly as I fell asleep!  Now it’s metal music on my iPod, if that doesn’t work I go to Barenaked Ladies (new album called Grinning Streak, well worth a spin on iTunes), Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, R.E.V.O. by Walk off the Earth (which I also highly recommend to anyone), Fall Out Boy’s latest release “Save Rock & Roll” (which is 50/50 electronic and electric guitar with a thumping bass drum, they may as well have just used a drum machine) or any Watchmen album I can listen all the way through each album 1-5(a double CD) without skipping a song, and they’re from Winnipeg so I guess that’s 3 points for Winnipeg, A. The Guess Who  B. The Watchmen C.  Bohemian beer…..wait and D. Slurpee capital of  the World or Canada  


I was out of bed around 6:40am or so (I know it will catch up to me later on).  Brewster had jumped off the bed around what must have been 11pm, after Kim started snoring.  He went to a cushion on the floor and curled up in a very tight ball on the pillow.  When I got up, I went to see where he was sleeping.  He had peed right in the middle of the living room like he was trying to make a point!  Little moron!  Our cleaner is out in our vehicle and I can’t get out of this house without making a racket.  I quietly asked Kim if I should attempted getting the cleaner from the vehicle.  She said to leave it until she got up, at least it’s on a hardwood floor. Kim uses baking powder or something like that to bring it up to the surface and then runs a vacuum over it.


Control and what I meant by that. Nobody could control me having brain cancer in 2008.  I didn’t even see it coming, nobody did or could!  I had tons of support while in the hospital.  Family & friends from everywhere!  70+ people at my birthday in the hospital in the auditorium, for chili and cake that’s quite a few people!  I was in rough shape but in a way I had beaten cancer, a terminal disease that no one could have controlled or prevented.  I hate that only my body on autopilot could determine if I lived or not.


With much support from everyone, especially Kim, I’m alive and wasn’t expected to be.  Now Kim and I just have to deal with the cards in our hand I guess?  Nobody plans for these type of things, so you look at what’s ahead and figure out how to do things in a different way than most people do. 


Just like when I learned to play guitar, I just figured out what I had to do, nobody taught me what to do and I didn’t really want anyone to help me.  No I’m not a lightning fast guitar player.  I play straight up the middle rhythm guitar, nothing flashy in the least.  In January of 2001 was when I got my first guitar and had no amplifier for it.  I bought the cheapest used combo amp I could find and blew the speaker in it trying to keep up with the 5150 amp from Devon (Eddie Van Halen’s) signature amp.  Once my tiny guitar amp was ruined I went to B# (B-Sharp) music, the best customer service for any Regina musician, and bought the cheapest and loudest amp I could afford which was a Randal head (amp) and a 4×12” cabinet.  Sounded like crap but got the job done!   Most guitar players are always tinkering with the settings on their amp trying to get a better tone/sound.  I learned that you can’t polish a turd and left my settings as is.  At least it was consistently bad!


I got my first guitar for my 21st birthday.  I was already in a band as a singer.  I’ve always been a mediocre singer first and a bad guitar player second.


How old do you feel now?  For those of you who were in high school when these albums were released?  How old do older people who graduated high school when these albums were released?


Palliative Care fundraiser my former employer Dave Moscaliuk fundraising for the bicycle ride!  Donate if you can!


More people (some people, not Elka) need to dance like no one’s watching and sing ( some people, not my Mommy) like no one’s listening!


“There’s  always someone else having a worse day than you or I”, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those people.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook   


P.S.  Once this is posted I’ll flip on my computron Monday!  If you need me immediately speak with Kim. Fraser out!

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