Thursday, July 25th


Numbers matter in baseball.  Even though Kawasaki has lower numbers than Jose Reyes at Short Stop, he has many more games played than Reyes.  I don’t think Reyes has even played 20 games this year yet?  $10,000,000 for a Short Stop that I’ve seen one time that he’s made a real effort for the ball before he missed it and it rolled into the outfield.  Sure lots of people call Kawasaki a team mascot.  He’s been in the major league filling in for Reyes since he was injured after 10 or so games.  Reyes was back 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Reyes’ impact hasn’t shown anything and why did they bother bringing Brett Lawrie up to the Majors for 2 games before 4 days for the All-Star game?  He wasn’t really doing much offensively before he was injured, he wasn’t going to be a huge gain and turn the team around?  They should have left him in AAA to work on himself some more. 


The 2013 season isn’t mathematically over for the Blue Jays, but it sure looks as though they have a deep hole to crawl out of.  Last place in the AL east, and the wild card spot, they were expected to be a playoff contender.  They have all of these great players with veteran players to boost their moral and nothing has changed.  They haven’t gelled as a team yet.


Brett Lawrie came back and they put him at 2nd base after just 2 AAA starts at 2nd base?!  What a waste of a strong and accurate throwing arm.  Finally today they said he’ll stay at 3rd base for the rest of the season.  I’m not an expert on baseball at all!  I liked it when I’d show up at my games and knew it was going to be Chris Fraser at 3rd base, batting 9th.  Everyday during my last 2 years. Couldn’t hit a ball if my life depended on it, not too bad at fielding though.


I say trade Josh Johnson (a big name starting pitcher) and Jose Reyes ($10,000,000 Short Stop) as a package deal, somebody will jump at the chance to have them.  Then get a decent starting pitcher for them.  We’ll write this year off and again all of the fans can say “Next year I guess” as we always do.




“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”


Bye, talk to you next week,

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Thursday, July 25th


Our realtor is stopping by tomorrow at 11am.  Our house should be listed on early next week?  We’ll see what he would like us to do to the house? Same realtor that sold Corey and Jolene’s house in half a day! We’ve had contractors and my dad/George help us out with quite a few changes, also some friends of mine before I had cancer helping move our back patio blocks so the water slopes away from the house.  Dad and I have put electrical outlets every 8′ in the basement.  Kim has painted every room in the house.  We’ve/contractors changed the power line to the house and upgraded our power from 60 to the code of 100 amp service, the basement has been braced on 2 walls since Regina was built on a swamp?  We’ve had the front left corner underpinned also, and much more.  We had no water issues this spring or during the 50 thunder storms this summer. 


Metallica’s “Kill ’em All” turns 30 years old today, and I couldn’t care any less.  I’m sure there’s a large group of people who do though!


Alter Bridge’s new album is mastered and the cover art has been approved for “Fortress”


I didn’t even know they were still around?


From Nick Tolmie, Lead singer of “Stillseed” a friend of mine who became a paramedic and took me to a hospital to have my feeding tube changed.


All of these links contain no audio or written foul words.


I’m abandoning my computer completely until next week sometime, I need a break.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Wednesday, July 24th


Help find a dog.


Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman, what’s your opinion?


Kids get it, why are others (a little bit of everyone) still living in the late 1800s


11 year old speaking about food and some health complications.


Alter Bridge album release September, 4th


Just an awesome Big Wreck medley from the album “Albatross”


This proves that you don’t need the most expensive or the best model of guitar, bass, or drums like we all think.  “You can get the worst piece of junk and still have a good song”-Dave Grohl of Nirvana and then Foo Fighters.




Clerks III announced on IMDB.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”  Do I need to continue with this blog, it’s not really about cancer anymore, until my parents, brother, and Kim all throw in there story of what they have dealing with me living in a wheelchair and not being able to do 3 or 4 certain things?



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Tuesday, July 23rd


I agree with this, and don’t tell me hockey players who play every 2nd day aren’t using Performance Enhancing Drugs also.  Get it out of every sport and kick out those who use any type of steroid.  Level the playing field for any and every athlete!  Bonds home run record is a joke along with any record above Roger Maris’ record of 61 home runs to date.  Chris Davis, of the Baltimore Orioles will probably break that record and he’s asking the league to test him.  He’s probably not using a PED or is confident he won’t get caught.  Mark McGuire hit 70 one year and I think he tested positive for P.E.D.  Then Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants hit more to break the home run record.  There was talk of certain people serving jail time, which seems to me as a very strong penalty for using steroids.  Just ban them from baseball all together.  One test of positive for steroids, pack your bags and go!


Humans killed by Sharks per year less than 1.  Sharks killed by humans per year 100,000,000 Why?  No this is not from Wikipedia.  It’s from a scientific web site, but it says the same on Wikipedia


Foo Fighters cover of Cream’s “I feel free”


Darian Durant finally getting some respect


New Trivium album in October, produced by David Draiman of “Disturbed” and “Device” now.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Tuesday, July 23rd


Stereotypes are not always right Black Americans, that’s not how they live their life, by the colour of their skin.  Nor do Native Canadians.  Who they are is what defines them! 


I was getting some heat for posting a photo about Christians wasting time worrying about homosexuals, instead of dealing with starving children.  It’s another stereotype since it is a handful of Christians against same sex marriage.  It is not intended to be about all Christians as the photo is just about the few Christians against same sex marriages!  Don’t turn around and tell me it’s not any Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Black, White, Brown, etc. holding back homosexuals from being married in whatever country that doesn’t allow gay marriage.  It’s EVERYBODY that’s against gay marriage!  Since that’s so wrong and offensive.  I don’t care what religion or race you are, it would be ignorant of me to judge a book by it’s cover!


Sure on the previous link to this blog which dated back to October 2011, I was forcing my view of how to live YOUR life to everyone, telling everyone to act like me and that was one of the worst things I could do, and now people are pretty much doing the same to me.  I stand by that photo and I have every right to re-post it like I’m going to.  It’s a free world, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll come off as a total moron, fine if that’s what you want to consider me as that’s your choice, not mine.


Guess what, I’m a Christian as well and no I’m not a perfect Christian.  I disagree with organized religion so I guess that means I’m bound to end up in Hell.  EVERYONE should get to chose their own belief and life style sure it might be different than my view.  If you’re Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Catholic, Christian, etc.  That’s your choice!  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe other religions are wrong?  I don’t know for sure I’ve never met Jesus!  Was Jesus testing me when I got cancer or was the Devil trying to kill me?  What is the Devil?  D in front of evil.  There’s evil all around us, no one can deny that.  We don’t live in a perfect world, do we?  So believe in what you like, “… maybe right?  I may be crazy?  But it just may be a lunatic you’re lookin’ for?….You may be wrong, but for all I know you maybe right?…”  If it’s not you who’s stopping gay marriage, then please don’t take it personally? Now I’ve wasted my time arguing equality for everyone who’s homosexual, bi-sexual, straight or of any belief or race.  Call me whatever you want, if that’s how you want to live your life that’s fine by me.


Trayvon’s rights, wait he’s dead and does not have any rights as a Black American citizen.  Maybe he should have owned a gun.  THAT WOULD MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, RIGHT?


Louis CK stand up with no foul language about Men and Women


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Monday, July 22nd


First off “oski wee wee oski wambulance”!  Are you still crying Henry Burris, ’cause you should be after scoring a big fat ZERO when the game ended 37-0!  I’m not counting my chickens yet until they are 5-0 or 5-1 at least. Hamilton in Hamilton hopefully with Fantuz in the line-up, a by week, then Montreal in town.  If they win at least one of those 2 games, any CFL fan must praise the Roughriders, if they can achieve that they should have no problem getting into the playoffs.  I would like to thank the refs for determining the score in the first quarter of the game 0-0. 


As for the music in the stadium?  Z99 songs can be just as irritating as metal music.  Play what the players want to hear 6/7 professional players listen to this as their last song before they hit the field………………. .  Maybe play more current songs, not BSB or Phil Collins, as much as I like him, from a decade ago.  I don’t ever change the radio to Z99 or 104.9 The Wolf, both are not to my liking.  The Wolf ruined RUSH for me by playing the same 3 songs off of their earlier releases. Newer RUSH is much better, if you like hard rock or boarder line metal!


Commissioner Marc Cohon with the media yesterday.






Kevin Smith approved movie, I’m interested just by the trailer available on demand October 4th. NOT FOR KIDS!  But the movie looks as though it will start a debate about gun control again in the USA?


Sounds like new Trivium album to be released tomorrow!  News only on facebook  23/07/13 it says.  Here’s hoppin’, wouldn’t copy over properly.  Nothing on iTunes though so I don’t know what that means? Maybe a single being released tomorrow?


As for TOOL they keep pushing the rumoured release back.  First it was supposed to be released earlier this year, then around Christmas and now Danny, on drums, says early in 2014?  I guess we’ll wait for next year just like all of us Blue Jay fans?


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Saturday, July 20th


Kim just took me out to look and test some furniture, a sofa and love seat for our condo.  I think she put a $2,000 deposit on the more expensive one?  I rarely sit on either, I sit in my motorized recliner with the transfer pole beside it. Anyways, she put a down payment on our higher, firmer and leather sofa and love seat.  Then she went upstairs to look at bedroom stuff. Found what she wanted and asked the salesman if he would give her a call when it went on sale (since we really need a king size bed….NOT)!  Now she has money on her credit card since there’s no interest for a year, which kick’s in when it’s delivered.  I don’t know where she’s getting all of this money, but I said to her “I got the location, now you can chose whatever you want”.  So, all new stainless steel appliances, new leather couch and love seat, new bedroom furniture chosen but not paid for and more stuff to get.  A computer desk, a media rack for our blu-ray and amplifier, dad had his guys wire the suite for us with in ceiling speakers for surround sound, we’ll need a book shelf or 2 for our blu-rays, DVDs and CDs, we’ll have to get new pots and pans for our induction range, etc.  We should just divorce and get married again so we can have a new gift registry!


I’m really looking forward to the Roughrider game tomorrow with my parents and all of the wacky people around us.  Dad takes my wheelchair up the ramps and then I can walk up the 10 steps to our seats. 1, 2 and 3 right in front of the steps! Kent Austin won’t be booed.  He was the QB for us in the 89 Grey Cup and head coach when we won in 2007.  Henry Burris always gets booed no matter what team he’s on.  Tiger Cats had better be ready for a lot of noise tomorrow!


As for the traveling side of the story. I’ll go “planes, trains, and automobiles” anywhere in Canada. Just never through customs, EVER!  Flying doesn’t bother me.  I think I was 10 years old when my parents had me fly to Ottawa to see my grandparents there and Uncle Gerry, who’s birthday was on the same day as mine and got me started on my stamp collection which didn’t last to long.  Grandpa James got me started on collecting lapel pins. There’s a few binders around here with hundreds of lapel pins in it.


I don’t feel a need/want to go to another country.  I’ve been to a lot of places in Canada from the west coast to the east coast, and I haven’t seen all that I want to. I went to Boston with Kim who had a week of training there in 2007, I think?  For a week.  Customs suck!  That’s the only time I’ve been out of Canada and now Kim and I are proud owners of expired passports.


“The Lone Ranger” movie we’ll rent it on demand and see how it is?  I think Johnny Depp will most likely ruin the movie for me?  R.I.P.D. Looks like it should be good though, it’s on my list of movies to see! 


Rider Coach Chamblin at a short press conference.


Ray William about the Riders defense.


Pearl Jam 2 new songs live!


Paul McCartney and Nirvana play “Helter Skelter”.



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Friday, July 19th


No news is good news in this case.  If my Doctor calls and says he needs to see me, I’ll be freaking out. Any Ellen Degeneres fans out there?  Remember the 13 year old with cancer who loved doing make up?  Sadly she lost her life due to cancer as a young teenager.


I’ll most likely have a few more blood tests with one more Cat-Scan before the end of the year.  I’m not angry or depressed anymore now.  The whole thing seems like it was years ago.  I don’t work other than practicing how to be as normal as possible.  This whole cancer bump on the road was probably just as tough on my family and friends?  I’m fine, I’m in a wheelchair and have a patch over my left eye.  Oh, well at least I’m alive.


I think the next Stone Temple Pilots album with Chester from Linkin Park will be a must buy album for me. Along with Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, and the previous two albums from Skillet.  I was born in 1980.  I didn’t listen to any 80’s metal, like Motley Crue, Ratt, Winger or Poison.  I listened to Dire Straits, Bobby McFerrin, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elton John, Fine Young Cannibals, etc.  The only 80s hair metal album I liked and bought was Lean Into it by Mr. Big!  I much prefer some of the metal out now!  The older/ hair metal or Metallica is not for me.  I’ll take almost any band over Metallica.  Like the trashier Metallica, Pantera.  Big thanks to Corey who got me into them while in SIAST.


Riders head coach Cory Chamblin with the media.


John Chick from the Riders defensive line with the media.


I don’t think Austin will get BOOED, Burris will though!  Everytime he’s in Regina!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I” except for Henry Burris on Sunday!



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Friday, July 19th


I woke up late.  I hate that it feels like I wasted a day.  I got out of bed at 11:40am, that’s just too late for me!  I’ve got stuff to do, I have to get back to being “normal”, I want to be “normal” and be more independent.  Kim was looking at new furniture last night.  So she’s looking for a reasonably priced sofa & love seat, we’re apparently getting a moving company, all new appliances already paid for, a new king size bed and a new computer desk, so I don’t smash my wheelchair into it. I don’t know what her credit card is at but we do live hand to mouth always waiting for Kim’s pay day.


My parents are great, Mitch is almost moved out and we may have to move in with them?  Are they ever going to get to live without one of their boys living in their house?  I moved out at 25, and Mitch said “I wont be here longer than Chris”. He’s 26 now and finally moving out.  


I was watching CNN last night because I’m old, this made me angry.  Yes there’s always two sides to the story and yes we have racial stereotypes in Canada too.  Not against any black citizens, but EVERYBODY dumps on Native Canadians?  I don’t agree with it and in some ways I do?  The Zimmerman trial, I don’t live in the USA, so I find it just ridiculous that it’s OK for a white man to shoot and kill anyone of a different race with no weapon.  It kind of goes back to the “gun control” debate!  USA, stop killing each other already!  Enough is enough!


Here’s Stephen Colbert on Zimmerman.


Micheal Jackson had it right.


Bad album covers……………like REALLY bad!


New Alter Bridge in September, I know there’s some out there that don’t really enjoy Alter Bridge but there’s a few Alter Bridge fans out there!  They sound nothing like Creed if that’s what’s holding you back.  The previous 3 studio and the last live album at Wembley stadium are albums I can listen to without skipping a song!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Thursday, July 18th


Really not much new.  I still am not able to play any guitar, that kinda sucks, I’ll figure it out!  I get so frustrated when I try.  I know where and how my fingers should be, but my brain doesn’t send the proper signal to my fingers.  It just goes BLAH do this.  When I first leaned at the ripe age of 21, my biggest problem was “How do I do this and sing at the same time”? Guitar playing came so easily to me the first time.  No lessons from anyone other than tab web sites that had lyrics of the 20+ cover songs we played, along with our 7 original songs.


Alter Bridge.  Mark Tremonti speaks about the new album


George Zimmerman.  There’s always 2 sides to every story.  WARNING, LANGUAGE!  This sounds like a stereotype to me.


Jamie Oliver’s campaign for McDonalds to change recipe.  News article


Animal rights and stupid pet owners.  facebook link sorry all I could find VIP!


Everyone should do more things like this and not just pretend nothings happening!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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