Sunday, June 30th


I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend, one more day left.  I had to miss the Econoline Crush show at the Pump last night.  Kim wanted to go to a patio with her sister and brother-in-law.  Now she owes me!  She is definitely taking me to the Holy Grail show at the Exchange with Into Eternity opening for them.  Holy Grail is among the many artists on my list to buy from iTunes.  Although I missed a 90s flashback band, I made it count!  3 schooners at Boston Pizza then a beer here and a white Bacardi rum and coke zero.  No hangover, I know when I’m at my limit and I wasn’t there yet.  Of course my “peach” went though. 


Today, I watched baseball and tomorrow I’ll watch baseball.  I can sit through 3 hours of baseball and 3 hours of a CFL game, but not 4+ hours of NFL or however long Nascar races are?


I grew up with these songs, I’m feelin a bit old now!



Pearl Jam news!



Nine Inch Nails new song.  I’ve never really been a fan.



A few of my favourite Queens of the Stone Age songs.  Not hard rock, soft rock, metal, acoustic, etc. Just different, in a good way for me.  They call it (Desert rock) since that’s where it’s made.














I guess I should add a few Canadian Groups since July 1st is Canada day!


















“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Thursday, June 27th


We were in McClain* today left at 11:30 or so for Sylvia Coghill’s funeral.  My mother would play any card game with Sylvia and their mutual friend Grace and Grandpa James once a week or so.  Until Sylvia’s family moved her to a care home in Regina.


All of you gamers out there.  PS4 or X-Box 1 or whatever Nintendo is releasing?  I don’t miss video games in the least.  I do get excited whenever I see the commercial for Batman: Arkham Asylum though.  I always think it’s a new Batman movie with Christian Bale, since the graphics are so good.  Then I remind myself that it’s a commercial for a video game and die a little inside.


Music news.  Alter Bridge 4 is finished and being mixed as far as I know.  I know they’re done recording at least and have announced a European tour starting in September.  For those who don’t know who they are, it’s the 3 guys from Creed with Myles Kennedy the vocalist for the Slash solo album.  Slash with Apocalyptic Love.  This is off of the first Alter Bridge album and the first cover song we learned and played at our show in my old high school.  Mitch was just finishing grade 12 there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPNxDLSh7WI   All of the 3 albums that are out I can listen to from front to back.


A Perfect Circle NOT FOR KIDS! First song they released  this the first album. An album I can listen to straight through!



Pearl Jam



TOOL, same singer as APC



Foo Fighters



The Watchmen



Big Wreck off of the first album released in 1997



I.M.E. with Bryan Byrne as second front man/singer for the group



I.M.E. with first singer @#$%#$@^ Edwin, good singer, stage hog with no instrument!   Never helped with lyric writing either.



Dave Matthews Band



Walk off the Earth, my new find! Diamond in the rough!



Matthew Good Band









Soundgarden 2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTaVHM6HGuQ directed by Dave Grohl.


Corey Chamblin about Geroy Simon.



Darian Durant speaks to the media



This is just cool for any drummer or musician  JOSH FREESE and DANNY CAREY in the same room, WOW!  That’s like A Perfect Circle and TOOL in the same room! http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/06/every-drummer-you-can-think-of-appears-on-the-man-of-steel-soundtrack/


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Thursday, June 27th


AGT.  Found this on the internet very funny https://www.facebook.com/rockitoutblog/posts/10152046271344899?notif_t=notify_me




The weirdest interview I’ve ever seen by ANYBODY!  Nardwaur with Sigur Ros

http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/06/watch-nardwuar-interview-sigur-ros/ NO SONG IN THIS OR FOUL LANGUAGE, JUST WEIRD!


Trivium…………………………..yes I like this!



Pantera is to Metallica as “Kim Kardashien is to Kate Middleton…a little trashier…”-Ricky Gervais



Local hero’s Into Eternity



Lamb of God



Rob Zombie



In Flames






Tony Iommi w/ Brian May and Dave Grohl. Album now out of print and no longer on iTunes.  Good thing I bought it ASAP.






Probot (Dave Grohl w/ guest singers)



Metallica (BLAH)






Iron Maiden



Mr. Big


Same album as this song






System of a Down



That’s enough for now.  Didn’t really mean to keep writing today!  I probably will continue!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Thursday, June 27th

 SURPRISE!  I can’t stop writing?!

It’s 6:15am, got up, got dressed, found Brewster sleeping in a different room, brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth, washed my face and had breakfast.  I woke up at 4:30am I don’t know why?  


I survived, YIPEE now, it’s all done with on December 31st 2013?  So on January 1st I’ll magically be able to walk, stand and not have double vision, right?  Not the case as much as I’d like it to be!  My assumption is that I’ll still be in my wheelchair with a patch over 1 eye. Possibly for the rest of my life, oh well.  I’m not just going to roll over and give up, I wasn’t raised that way!  Both times my parents raised me, as a child and now having survived brain cancer, 3 brain surgeries in February 2008, the first one an emergency surgery, waiting for the surgeon to finish another surgery I’m told.


What did I leave with?  A bad attitude. I turned into a total moron.  Even my doctor apologized to me when I hit what I thought was rock bottom.  He said he should have seen this coming.  The second he said that I replied “NO”, I didn’t want ANYONE to know!


Yes, I’m not perfect?  I have made mistakes my entire life, I assume everyone has.  While in the WRC I was “addicted” to one medication and in the medical definition I was addicted to another.  I told my doctor that I thought I was addicted to hydromorphone ( 5x the strength off morphine), I was allowed to take it once an hour, and I did.  Of course I wasn’t in pain.  I was flat out lying to Kim for a month and had her inject me with it every hour.  It just relaxed me to the point my uncontrollable twitch in my leg stopped, it’s gone now.  It was supposed to make you drowsy, didn’t for me!  Apparently this is not considered the medical definition of addicted, methadone is.


I was on methadone for a long time, more than 2 or 3 years, on quite a high dosage of it for pain.  While weening off of it, I became very ill and more and more depressed.  We stayed home for a month or more.  Didn’t go in for any therapy.  I was doing well in my therapies, all of my therapists told me.  I was the only candidate for some special program they had not bothered doing the paper work for.  They basically put me on this program without doing the paper work.  I think it was just more therapy than anyone else?  Two of my therapists were asking themselves “What happened to Chris?”.


I was at home eating nothing but yogurt.  It was all my stomach could take at the time.  Everyday for the entire day I would feel like I was on the verge of throwing up, weening off of methadone.  That’s what Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob was on while he was trying to get sober and off of heroin.  It’s healthier for you but harder to quit than heroin.  My doctor told me I was the first person he had ever  managed to get off of that much methadone, a pain killer.


This may be repeated from earlier in this link or in the first link to my blog?


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Butthead” aka Christopher

Thanks DJW!  A promotion!


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Wednesday, June 26th


I’m really grasping at straws here.  I won’t be blogging until Friday at the soonest.  Or maybe Tuesday, July 2nd after the Canada day long weekend.


Firstly, Sylvia Coghill passed away on Saturday, I think it was.  Her daughter Maureen (my mother’s closest friend) passed away from cancer that was surrounding her heart while I was in rehabilitation.  Maureen and her 3 children were all like family to us.  I first felt old when Alicia (the middle child) served me a beer at Brewster’s East.  Way back when.  I baby sat her and her younger sister (Christina) when I was in high school.  Now the 3 of them (Nathan, Alicia and Christina) have no mother or Coghill Grandmother.  That’s just terrible if you ask me.  Sylvia had terrible emphysema, she had an oxygen tank with her for quite a while.  R.I.P. Sylvia.  Sorry to the 3 “kids”.  There’s no silver lining that I see in this story.


The Toronto Blue Jays won 11 games in a row!  Then they went to Tampa Bay and lost the first 2 of 3 games down there.  Didn’t see the 3rd game but heard they won 3-0.  If they don’t start winning 2/3 or ¾ games each series the 11 game winning streak won’t matter.  Next is Boston in Boston, then Detroit in Toronto.  When they’re playing against A.L. East, teams in their division, they have to win every series possible.  Tampa Bay and Boston are in that division along with Baltimore and the Yankees. Called the toughest division in baseball.


On to the subject at hand now.  I listed 4 movies I would like to see, and forgot the 5th movie.  The Lone Ranger!  Then I saw that Johnny Depp was playing the role of Tantoo.  Please don’t mess up this movie for me Johnny?!  I’m not a fan of the highly praised Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio. Other than the movie they were in together, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”.  Or any of Johnny Depp in every film Tim Burton makes, same poop different pile to me.  Leo was good in “The Departed” and Johnny Depp was good in the headless horseman film and the one about Jack the Ripper, but that’s all for me.  I hope “The Lone Ranger” is good, the cartoon on YTV was good when I was a wee lad. 


Head coach Corey Chamblin of the Riders address’ the media.



The CFL starts this weekend, here’s one prediction, what’s yours?



“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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P.S.  I added a few albums to the blog post asking about YOUR favourite albums so please shoot me an email or facebook email if you’d like to keep it private or comment on that blog.  Don’t try to reply to the blog directly.  Please send it to my email address or facebook address.


Wednesday, June 25th


I always have a designated driver if needed.  I don’t have to deal with all of the one way streets downtown.  Kim or whoever is able to make a reservation for a wheelchair seat anywhere.  We always get the best parking spots.  I have most of everyday off, when I’m done working out.  Kim and I go  outside in nice weather to go walking with my walker.  I get to see my wife very often, no I’m not sick of her……………yet!  I’m home with Brewster everyday, we play and hangout all day watching baseball from the previous night when I’m not exercising


Take that you Kenny Chesney fans.  Quit giving us (metal & rock fans) crap for what we do at a live show! What happens at Craven?  This stupid type of behaviour including multiple rapes!   WARNING NOT FOR KIDS, LOTS OF FOUL LANGUAGE!



I hate the Stampeders, but this seems very good.



The facebook page “Where did all the rock bands go?”  Posed a decent question.  “Everyone knows at least one album that they love every single song from right? What album(s) is that for your guys?”, me Foo Fighters “The Colour and The Shape” and “Wasting Light”.  Any of the 5 Watchmen albums. “The Bends” or “OK Computer” by Radiohead.  “The Bends” had this awesome video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_qMagfZtv8   How did that become a hit single?  This song from the same album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=IrTB-iiecqk&NR=1



“Girl Meets World” 2014.  I liked “Boy Meets World”  I think I’m a tad old for this show though!



Larry King interview with John Lennon’s killer.



“Don’t know why?”  I watch Criminal Minds or The Killer Speaks on A & E, here’s a link to one of The Killer Speaks episodes, yet I can’t deal with horror movies?  I’m assuming kids won’t be in the room for this link or the previous link.



This is just “Don’t know why” by Norah Jones



This is Norah Jones guest with Foo Fighters 2005 “In Your Honour” acoustic studio album.



“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Tuesday, June 25th


We’re all thinking about the southern Alberta folks dealing with all of the flooding and such.  As Red Green says “Keep your stick on the ice”  and I hope you’re all “High and Dry”!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BciOfJsqh7M   Not to make light of the situation just 1 of my favourite Radiohead songs.


Somebody woke Kim and I up around 4:45am today with his angry bird in bed, because the storm had started.  Brewster kept bringing that slobbery toy to us, with his front paws on our chests.  Then hogging the duvet to make a bed for himself.  How does an 11.5 lbs dog hog all of the queen size duvet? He’s terrified and laying beside me as I write this.  I guess he did get my butt out of bed.  Kim went to work/left the house @ 7:30am, Brewster was on the floor on my side of the bed with EVERY squeak toy he had squeaking and whining constantly.  Even followed me into the washroom to brush my teeth and such.


To the moron that try’s to send a fax to this number twice a day during the week call whoever you’re sending a fax to and make sure you have the right number.  And the company that calls our house to run a virus scan to “fix” our computers.  A.  It’s illegal to not have the number or company name not show up on call display  B.  If you’re so smart don’t call and ask us to turn on our computers, you should be able to tell us if they’re on!  I’m done if I don’t recognize the number or company name, I won’t bother answering the phone!


Foo Fighters “Ramble On” at Wembley stadium with Led Zeppelin.  Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.



Jack White says stop whining?  I’m not whining I just don’t want anything to do with him, is that wrong? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEu4jM0j6GQ Old link, wasn’t paying much attention, don’t know if there is foul language or not, it has never bothered me.


For the die hard CFL fans on facebook this link is for you.  One of  the moderators will let you join after you put in a request.  They assume that every new member is a Rider fan!



IT’S HERE IT’S HERE  the Big Wreck EP, 6 live songs and their cover of “Good times roll” by the Cars.  On iTunes for $5.99.


It’s a pretty normal life, other than driving, walking or working and I work out at least every day so I will be able to work.  Kim can leave me to go to her now part time job, 12.5 hours a week and now she wants to look at furniture? REALLY???  She’s planning on putting that on her credit card?  How are we going to pay for all of that?  My disability helps a bit but of course it’s less than I made when I was working full time.  Sure we’ll walk and roll into Sears Home and take 2 of everything, great idea!  And I can’t purchase music from iTunes? 


It would be great to have a new couch, love seat, bed and Kim wants a new computer desk for me, so I don’t smash my wheelchair into it.  I don’t know where she thinks all of this money is coming from?  Did I miss the weather forecast?  Is it raining $500 bills outside?


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Monday, June 24th


My list of albums to get from iTunes, not just metal.  Some artists I’d like to purchase multiple albums from.


Colin James, Helmet-Unsung, Physical Graffiti by L.Z., Jackson 5, Matt Mays, Phoenix, July Talk, Killjoys-Starry + Gimme Five, Candelbox-Gratest Hits, Born Ruffians, Soilwork, Paul McCartney Off the Ground, Tegan & Sara-Hearthrob, Jackson United, SYQEM, Bastille, David Bowie, Stone Sour, Sevendust-“Seasons”, “Home”, Ben Folds Five, EarlyRise-What if, Holy Grail-Ride the Void, Crisis in Eutopia, Bloodline S/T, BNL-Grinning Streak, Rush-Clockwork Angels, Imagine Dragons-Night Visions, Megadeth-Super Collider, Baroness-Yellow & Green, Beastie Boys,New Polotics-“Bad Girl in Harlem”, Bloodline-S/T, Iced Earth-“Dystopia”, Gogol Bordello, Megadeth-Thirteen, The Fratellis, Q.O.T.S.A.-Era Vulgaris, Anthrax-Worship Music, John Mayer-Heavier Things, Mars Volta, Arctic Monkeys, Harry Connick Jr.


Yes, I’m a music junkie.  I’m sure I’ll keep finding stuff to buy.  Tomorrow after my preorder of Big Wreck’s EP I’ll be done getting music for a while I’ve already spent more than I should have.  All of our appliances are on her Visa, we’ve “Put it on credit and then forget it.  Don’t let it bother you no more no more…” by The Arrogant Worms, but can’t find the video of that one song.  Yes, Anthrax’s latest album is on there.  Even more that’s not on there like the upcoming Jack Johnson album at the end of September, Megadeth’s recent release “Super Collider”, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.


Albums aren’t offensive in any way and are must have albums.  R.E.V.O. By Walk off the Earth, The Flypoints, The Waltons from Regina, any and all Jack Johnson albums and any Ben Harper albums.  Same with Harry Connick Jr. Blue Rodeo’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (still waiting for Vol. 2) and here’s where I’ll catch crap Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock and Roll” which is more of a dance/electronic album.


For those who like metal, EarlyRise and Syqem.  They’re on my list to purchase.  I get most things from iTunes now.  If it’s a local group or musician I go to the show, buy a T-Shirt and a CD!  If it’s someone with a bonus DVD, I buy the CD as well.  I’m just not a fan of watching anything from Kim’s laptop, even though it connects to our TV.


Article about local metal hero’s Into Eternity no actual audio.



Article about Italy’s former Prime Minister.



Riders head coach pregame speech, Thursday, June 20th



Article and new song by Arctic Monkeys. Haven’t listened to the entire song to decide if I should put it on my long list of music to get from iTunes?



Saskatchewan Roughriders pregame huddle Thursday, June 20th



This is kind of stupid to me.  Yes I broke my nose in a mosh pit years ago, did file a lawsuit against the tour?  Of course not!  I/ME made that decision to join the mosh pit. I took responsibility for that.  Yes there is such a thing as mosh pit etiquette.  If someone falls, make room and help them out that’s an unwritten rule.  I broke my nose and was gushing blood out of it. Everybody cleared a path for me to get to the bouncer.  Take responsibility/own up to your mistakes.  I do everytime I treat someone like crap through out this blog or the previous link! WARNING NOT FOR KIDS!



A TOOL album at TOOL’S highest debut numero uno I assume.  I have never considered TOOL as a metal group. I’m not a fan of this album or the track “Sober”, I prefer the Opiate EP released before this album.  “Sober” is their first big hit and my least favourite song of theirs.  http://loudwire.com/tool-undertow-best-debut-metal-albums/ No audio unless you start it!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Sunday, June 23rd


We went out for breakfast this morning, and yes I had the 5 stack of blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce and whip cream, Kim also gave me her bacon (Aunt Joan)……………………IT WAS AWFUL, I HAD TO GIVE IT A GOOD HOME BEFORE ANYONE FIGURED OUT HOW AWFUL IT WAS!  So far, the best diet Kim has ever suggested!  Kim’s parents left for home from the restaurant.  They got here Wednesday afternoon and should be home by now.  That’s 4 days with my in-laws and I’m going crazy!!!  Short trip for me!  Just kidding!  They’re very nice and like taking Brewster out for walks quite a bit, Brewster likes to have them around also.  Kim’s father has a bigger sweet tooth than I.  I tried but couldn’t/didn’t want to keep up with him!


It was good to have them here, now we have to make it to their house.  I can manage the stairs fine now, we used my wheelchair lift for the 2nd or 3rd time today since last fall.  We’re getting rid of it to sell our house when our realtor get’s back from vacation on July 9th. House prices are sky rocketing in Regina.  We bought our house just as the increase started.  It’s well over what we payed for it and we’ve fixed a few things in it both structurally and cosmetically. If you saw our backyard before you’d swear it was a different house too!  No more sand, broken cement blocks on the path to our parking at the back, lots of grass, new flower beds, etc.  And that’s just the landscaping that we tackled first.


Kim wanted to go furniture shopping after breakfast, but I played a vito card, like she did with me for music on iTunes, my list of things from iTunes just keeps getting longer and longer!  I don’t really care about furniture as long as it’s firm and a bit higher than what we have now.  I’ll likely be at Sears Home this week trying out couches that I’ll rarely sit on. We’re definitely taking my motorized recliner though.  Our bed set isn’t to bad, just very heavy, made out of solid wood along with the matching armoir.  They’re staying for sure.  They’re both extremely heavy.  Even the guys that delivered them were having troubles with them!


I watched the Jays game today when we got home.  11 wins in a row, tomorrow the first of 3 games in Tampa Bay.  If they don’t win 5 out of the next 8 games, it’s all for nothing.  They look loose and seem to be having fun playing a game for a living!  I like Brett Lawrie the 3rd baseman, if he comes back from his injury and yells at his teammates for doing something different than he would have………….trade him and get something good in return.  He’s a very good fielder and a good hitter, he just has to grow up a bit, he’s still quite young.  Yes, I’m an armchair coach.  Kim doesn’t reply to me if baseball’s on, she assumes I’m talking to the TV or Brewster who’s just a nut ball!


I really do have a very normal life, despite being a little different that I’m in a wheelchair and have a patch over my eye, and nobody will let me drive?  “I’m an excellent driver”-Rainman/Dustin Hoffman.   


Macklemore video.  Read the article and watch the video, please! http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/eighth-graders-play-macklemores-same-love-for-gay-teacher


Good grief I’m old I know ALL of these songs.  HAVEN’T LISTENED TO THEM, BEST TO NOT PLAY AROUND KIDS!




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Saturday, June 22nd


Movies to see.


The Heat (Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy)

THE END (Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and friends)

Man of Steel (Superman, got it?)

Now You See Me (Jesse Eisenberg)


I’ll watch anything with Melissa McCarthy in it, casually watching Mike & Molly though.  I’d take Bridesmaids any day over The Hangover.  Kim & I went to see the first Hangover movie in the theater & both kept waiting for it to get funny.  I didn’t even crack a smile.  We saw Bridesmaids in the theater also and got the blu-ray the day it was released, the entire theater was busting a gut.


Uncle Kent, I’ve got more Foo Fighters B-Sides than you could imagine.  On CDs and a few downloaded for free and a TON of live songs.  B-Sides from albums 2, 3, 4 and 1 or 2 from the 6th and 7th album.  For me, some of the B-Sides are better.  Example.


Band on the Run by Paul McCartney & Wings



Have A Cigar with Brian May of Queen by Pink Floyd



I think this is an original but I’ve heard it’s by an underground punk band  “Iron & Stone”



Original that didn’t make it to the 4th album?  “Normal”



Darling Nikki by Prince   NOT FOR KIDS! SUBJECT MATTER



Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty



Original, almost metal, “The Colour and the Shape”



Original from the Orange County movie soundtrack “The One” with a hilarious video



Original off the Out Cold soundtrack “Make a Bet”





“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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