Friday, May 31st

Was just telling company today how you used to help me plant flowers.  Such A Help you were!

It was the afternoon of Tue Feb 5 2008

Grandpa & I were just getting organized to go to the church for pancake Tuesday

when your Dad phoned & said something had happened to you.  He was racing to pick up your Mom & go to the General Hospital

I thought your Mom was at work But found out only in the last few months that she was at home not feeling well

Anyway he said ” but PLEASE just stay there ” I ask if Grandpa James knew & he said “no” So we said we would get in touch with him.

We tried & tried to phone him -No answer . So we thought he may be at All Saints for pancakes ; WE DASHED over there & almost bowled over anyone in our way & asking if anyone had seen Ted James  WE left & kept calling his home number .

Finally he answered.  Just home with groceries, dropped them in the door & was heading to All Saints We told him what we knew  & we said ” No you are coming with us”.

I finally couldn’t stand it any longer so I phoned the hospital & I think just mentioned your name & the clerk said “one moment please”

the phone rang & your Dad answered ,They were in THAT waiting room that we have  Waited in For Grandpa’s surgery.  You & now recently Grandpa again.

Your Dad said it was OK to go down.  I think it was about that time that Mitch came in. I was trying to talk to Kent & then Joan  but wasn’t doing a very good job when I turned the phone to Mitch , he was Amazing  !!! He gave them all the info we had in a precise & correct way , I’ll never forget that.  Cause HE WAS HURTING!!!

We were leaving to go to the hospital but Grandpa James wouldn’t go without the minister so we took him to All Saints.  He found the minister & they came down together

Think we were at the Hospital almost all night.

The next day Kent Leanne & Joan all came, flew in I think?

That night your friend came with all kinds of food she had made. Our family & Kim’s family all gathered at the hospital or at our house  for meals

You have likely heard about the 2 bleeds & surgeries you had & a hard time for all.

Anyway we all made many trips to the Hospital & your dear Kim stayed by your side, as you know SHE IS AN ANGEL!!!

That was along time ago & we are SO happy to see the progress you have made & are still making.

We are VERY proud of the work you are doing & the progress you are making KEEP it up



There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Friday, May 31st


Just a few links I’d like to pass on to you. Jordan’s website for those working shift work.  Also on facebook.

CBC news article. This stuff Jordan loves apparently. New Jimmy Eat World song, no metal.  I promise.  Album out June 11th, called “Damage”


Fly Points, “Mad Man” released today on iTunes, local Regina band.


“Rock it Out Blog”  Ask any question about any group or artist, doesn’t have to be rock or metal. Any genre!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook



Friday, May 31st


Why am I up so early?  No clue?  I’ve been awake since 4:30am and I was awake until 12am or 1am.  I’ve already brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth with Scope, washed my face and had breakfast, all clothed of course.  I was tossing and turning until I fell asleep and again when I woke up at 4:30 again.  I’m not that tired though, surprisingly.  We’ll see if I fall again when I do my exercises on the floor this morning. 


facebook is awesome, yesterday I joined a group of die hard CFL fans, and this is the season that the Gagnon family in Winnipeg bought my season tickets for me and mom put down the deposit for my Grey Cup ticket here in Regina, I’m VERY excited! First season back at Mosaic Stadium since 2007.  Sure it will be cold outside in late November at the Grey Cup, but it’s not my first Grey Cup.  The high school choir sang “Oh, Canada” at the 1st Grey Cup here in ’95.  Kim and I went to the Grey Cup in 2003 here. 2008, I missed the entire season, didn’t even know who won the Grey Cup that year, I think it was Calgary?  I’ll have to Google that!  I went to one game last year with my father.  He pushed my wheelchair up to our section, then I had to walk up 10 stairs or so and our seats are directly in front of the stairs. 1, 2, and 3.  21 or 22 rows up from field level at the 45 yard line behind the opposing teams bench.


When I was in the Pasqua I got to meet Andy Fantuz.  Sorry Tori, didn’t ask him if he was married, oops!  He brought me an autographed jersey and “….two tickets….” to the Labour Day classic in 2008.

Labour Day is when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers come to Regina and then the Roughriders go to Winnipeg the next weekend for the Banjo Bowl.  Kim and I went for the first half of the Labour Day classic.  It was very windy, bit of rain, and very cold.  Luckily the paratransit came back at half time, and took us back to the hospital, we were both freezing, and the Riders were losing…….I think?


All of 2008 I was asleep 23 hours a day, waking up for physio and purred lunch or thickened soup, lot’s of stuff tastes terrible purred.  I had a treach in my throat so I was unable to speak at all, but I could cough.  8 feet away was the opposite wall in my room.  I would cough when my parents tried to feed me, and blow the cap off of my treach covering the wall 8 feet away and my parents.  To this day I cough every now and then on any beverage or anything chocolate, like Bridge Mix, when did I get so old?  Bridge Mix and Black Licorice flavour.  I don’t discriminate against any candy.  FYI-Mom, I still don’t have any ginger snaps and bought ones are unacceptable!  Carmen, CINNAMON BUNS, that is all, no I’m not waiting until we move in October!


Rydell turned me on to One Bad Son from Saskatoon.  The guys voice is quite similar to Axl Rose from Guns n’ Roses.  I’m not really a fan of Guns n’ Roses but the OBS album isn’t that bad.  The 3 slower songs I had to keep off of my iPod.  Too much like GNR.  80S hair metal, Metallica and GNR I have problems listening to.  Just not a fan!  “Walk off the Earth” is very good if you enjoy some acoustic rock.  The new “Fall Out Boy” is pretty good as well it’s called “Save Rock and Roll” and it’s more techno than rock to me, worth sampling on iTunes.  They even have an article in Rolling Stone about “Life after Emo”.  Music, TV, Movies and Dancing are all subjective though.  Reviews on iTunes just blow my mind?!  You can hear 1:30minutes of any song that’s been released!  FYI again if you preorder the Queens of the Stone Age album that comes out on Tuesday, you can stream it on iTunes I think or some other website.  For those who like “Jimmy Eat World”, new album called “Damage” will be released on Tuesday, June 11th.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Thursday, May 30th


Nothing earth shattering.  I fell while doing my floor exercises.  I was rolling on to my stomach and tried to get on my hands and knees, then I fell on my exercise mat.  When I finally got on to my hands and knees, I fell 2 or 3 more times while doing my leg lifts.  Kim was outside cutting the lawn, her job has been cut down to 12.5 hours as of last week.  I didn’t hurt myself, I was already on the floor.  I haven’t fallen at all in the last couple months, or this year even!  I was shocked when I fell this morning. The last time, Kim, Sherry and Shirley no.2 for me were here and Kim rushed to keep my head from hitting the floor, she bruises very easily.  I fell backwards in my wheelchair.  My back guards were up, they are usually down, unless we’ve been somewhere Kim had to pop up the front of my chair.


Falling backwards in my chair is fine. I can’t see what I’m going to fall on.  We have a small lip from the living room into our kitchen (hard wood to laminate flooring), that’s where I fall in my wheelchair if my guards aren’t down.


I very rarely drink alcoholic beverages.  Especially since we’re on this juicing diet.  Fridays and Saturdays I have 1 or 2 drinks on those nights.  I stopped drinking for 3.5 years, I’m not an alcoholic, I just like the taste. Ouzo/Sambuca, Rum, Gin or mostly dark beer.  Which is hard to find on tap in Regina, but I’ve found out who has it and who doesn’t. 


Anyways I’m off to watch a disappointing Blue Jays game, great on paper, terrible on the field.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


Wednesday, May 29th


When I was in the Pasqua Hospital in 2008 and a few more months, I don’t know if it was 1 or 2 nurses. They came to my room on a Friday and shoved a tube up my nose, down to my stomach.  I was in rough shape, coughing all of the time.  The doctor had already left and had the weekend off.  They told me, I may have that tube in over the weekend if the Doctor wanted to proceed with whatever procedure, that was for.  Thankfully the Doctor said I didn’t need to the procedure, the nurse/nurses must have spoke to the Doctor on the phone?  15-30 minutes later the nurses came and took the hose out, it was to put barium in for an x-ray or something like that? 


I had my first of 7 cortisone shots in the Pasqua, right into my spine.  We tried acupuncture, my chiropractor and more pain medication.  Cortisone, was our last attempt, and it worked.  Bruised for a while on my back due to the pressure of the Doctor’s needle.  Lot’s of ice packs to make it heal in the following 2 days.  After that I was fine and continued with my physio therapy.  In 2009 I think, mom, dad, Kim and I met with Dr. Saleem, the doctor who chose the chemo to use for me in the Pasqua. I asked for anesthesia whenever I had an MRI done.  I’m very claustrophobic!  Having my head in there scarred me terribly, with a mask over my face, not as tight as the one I had for radiation thankfully.  The Doctor told me I didn’t need to have anymore MRIs, he was sure the cancer wouldn’t come back.    I was so claustrophobic, I could deal with CT-scans, I still have one to go. YIPEE!  I hated MRIs and Radiation, scarred me half to death!  J.D. Worked in the cafeteria at WRC and Nick was one of the many EMTs that took me to another hospital for changing my feeding tube!  Both  from “Stillseed” album available on iTunes. 


Doesn’t every athlete want to be a famous musician and vice versa?  I got to do both, I played baseball from the age of 4-17.  Then I was singing in a rock cover band and 3 groups after that.  At first I was just a singer then I got my first guitar January 30th 2001, my 21st birthday.


The “Chemical Horizon” CD that we recorded in my parents basement, has 8 or 9 songs that I wrote the lyrics for, all about Mitch’s depression.  Playing in an original band is really fun, especially with a younger sibling.  Mitch wrote most of the guitar parts, then Jerry, Todd or Jordan would come up with their parts.  Jordan was our first drummer then I found Todd on to be our second drummer when Jordan moved to Ontario for school.  Jerry wrote 2 entire songs!  He would walk in to rehearsal and tell us to listen to it and learn it if we liked it.  I think he only wrote 2 entire songs.  He sang one and I sang the other.


Now for some music recommendations. 


Walk off the Earth, no language or distorted guitars.  Not loud or offensive, just good to me anyways.   This is the only album I have by them.


16 years since Jeff Buckley released his only album, before drowning at age 27 “Grace” I can’t play any of this album or get anywhere near his vocal range. He is VERY good!  Not metal or rock just awesome!


I still listen to the 1st 3 Radiohead albums and “In Rainbows” once in a while.  I’ve been listening to more muse lately though, except “Showbiz” and “The Hullabaloo soundtrack”.  They hate being compared to Radiohead, but if you like or liked Radiohead, you’ll more than likely enjoy MUSE.

It was 16 years ago a few weeks back that Radiohead released “OK Computer”, then they released “Kid A” what happened?  Both albums are completely different and both were “critically acclaimed”.  “Kid A”, not for me!


The “My Morning Jacket” albums have ton’s of reverb on the vocals which I don’t think is needed.  They are much better live.  Kim, Corey, Porkchop aka Andrea, and I went to Edmonton to see Foo Fighters.  My Morning Jacket was the 1st of the 3 bands playing, I have 3 of their CDs and don’t listen to them enough.  Here’s a sampling of them.


Big Wreck interview


Yo, TORONTO POLICE, check this out.


“There’s ALWAYS someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Monday, May 27th


Let’s face it, everyone in my generation knows all of them.


We started the juice diet today.  It’s a diet, not a total lifestyle change.  Our fridge is full of fruits and TONS of vegetables to put through our juicer.  So I had a small bowl of Special K with berries and a breakfast juice.  Skipped lunch, wasn’t hungry.  Bruschetta sandwich and juice for supper, lot’s of water as usual today.  We tried using the scale to weigh me, I only use our “stripper” poles for balance.  I don’t put much weight on them at all.  The scale said 237lbs.  That can’t be right, my belly is even bigger now than when I went into the hospital.  There’s photo’s of me in a Riders jersey playing at the Exchange before I got sick.  I was 265lbs at the time and had a 38” waist.  It’s a little bit bigger now.


I slept in today, got out of bed at 10, felt groggy all day.  I would prefer to get up around 9 instead, then I don’t feel like I’m half asleep all day or like I’ve wasted the day.  We’re not supposed to have coffee on this diet, but we were both craving it.


I tried out a new seat in the shower today.  My butt must be quite large.  When I turn sideways to get dressed I’m half way off of the seat.  I have to go to our bedroom to get dressed, other than that it’s great.  It’s not as wide so it doesn’t stick out under the shower curtain.  No pools of water everytime I shower now.

Tom Brokaw on Canada to Americans


The following is “Rick Mercer talking to Americans”.  HILARIOUS! part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 and finally part 5. WARNING (F-BOMB)


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Sunday, May 26th


What happened to spring?  Winter one day, then BAM, summer the next.  The sun and I do NOT get along so well.  If it’s cold I can layer up and turn up the furnace.  If it’s hot I can turn up the air conditioning, but only get so naked!  The sun is always in MY EYE!


My belly is a bit bigger than it used to be before I was ill.  I was a 38” waist, I don’t think I’d fit in those very well now!  I was down to a 36” in the WRC.  I’m not doing 17 therapies a week anymore only 8-10 a week.  That could be why.  I could eat like crap and I had 15 liters of eggnog also. Couldn’t put any weight on.  My face isn’t as swollen now, I didn’t gain any weight in my face, just my belly.  Kim and Sherry ask me to put a pen or pencil in my belly button and get me to laugh, the pen/pencil shakes violently.


I bought R.E.V.O. By “Walk off the Earth” it’s pretty good, I listen to it quite a bit.  It’s not metal or hard rock, it’s a very good acoustic rock album.  I think 3 of them sing as well.  I think the self titled One Bad Son album will be next, or the only album so far from EarlyRise.  If you enjoy Halestorm, you may enjoy EarlyRise.


My parents brought me quite a few of their CDs to put into my iTunes and some of their stuff I just bought off of iTunes, like “Happy Together” by The Nylons, I think that was the only one of my parents CDs I bought.  The Nylons, Bobby McFerrin, Dire Straits, The Beatles, etc.  That was how I learned to sing before I was in the high school choir.  By singing along to those albums!


I don’t understand what all of the hype is about surrounding the new release by Daft Punk?  Maybe I’m to old for them?  Either way, I’m just not a fan of them, the single isn’t bad, but one other song is not enough for me to buy the album.


I only get albums from iTunes.  Not just random songs from this and that album.  If I like 80% or so  of an album, I’ll buy it!  iTunes, you make me angry and happy! Musicians just need to realize that one day everything will be on iTunes.  Don’t be afraid of iTunes!  It’s not great, but it’s not that bad.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook

SHERRY AND JAMES(the attractive one, James that is)

Saturday, May 25th


First of all, thanks for “breakfast” at 12 in the afternoon, somebody (me) slept in and wasted half of the day!  I have more important things to do, like watch baseball daytime games that start at 10:30.  It’s now 6:15pm and I just finished watching the game.  Yes, Aunt Joan I had 5 pancakes, saturated with syrup and bacon on the side, for protein.


When Sherry and James moved to town, we abandoned most of our friends except Jen and Jay who we saw more of since Jen went to SIAST in Moose Jaw with Sherry.  The 6 of us were together quite often!  New Year’s, always and random weekends for supper at Jen and Jay’s house, even before Yoda aka Kim and I got married we’d hang out with them, take turns going to Saskatoon or Regina.  That was not how we should have treated Corey and Jolene or Dave and Liz.  Shame on us. 


If you ask me, Sherry works too hard………….or hardly works……I don’t know?  Sherry’s office is always above a bar…….coincidence?  We’ll leave it at that, you decide….does she drink to work or work to drink?


Sherry and James took Brewster for us while I was in the hospital.  Good thing we don’t have kids!  We would have had Sherry and James raise them also, or maybe my parents.


Yes, I play cribbage and watch A LOT of baseball.  It’s good for my brain I think.  Baseball, if you understand it, is more the thought of what  will happen next.  You have to be ready for what you think will happen next, you can’t be caught om your heals waiting for something to happen?


Same with cribbage.  Lots of math involved and sometimes you have to make something out of nothing. 


A Dispatcher, my aunt in Winnipeg is a retired 911 dispatcher


To Serve and Protect (and Kill) for some, not all Who do you call in this situation?  Not Ghost busters.  Not more police, they’ve already “helped”!  MORONS!  Officers don’t have to kill someone, break the legs and arms if needed, you don’t need to beat a suspect to the point of death before you arrest  him?  If you’re threatened by a suspect and want to kill, where’s your gun. I’m not a police officer, I don’t know much about what the job involves, this just seems wrong.  


First of all REALLY?  Second of all REALLY?!  I’d like to see or hear that law as well, REALLY?  Let’s hear the other side of the story, I’m sure there’s more to be told.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Friday, May 24th


We had supper at my grandparents house in the backyard.  Kim, mom and dad all went into Mr. Sub to get and bring supper for everyone, I’d take Mr. Sub over Subway any day, but both are decent!  We stayed far to long and didn’t get finished what we wanted to.  It was a good visit though, so that makes it better! The chocolate cake was good also!


I love the new “Fall Out Boy” album, not my usual type of music, but very good to me.  Check out these couple of tracks that open the album called “Save Rock & Roll”.


I’m addicted to Halestorm at the moment as well.  Two full length albums and an EP of 6 cover songs


I do prefer the original of “Hunger Strike”


Rydell recommended “One Bad Son” from Saskatoon.  I’m on the fence about it though, sounds a bit like Guns n’ Roses to me. Maybe the self-titled album without this and two other songs.


I did buy R.E.V.O. by “Walk off the Earth” yesterday, acoustic rock.


Unreleased song by the Watchmen.   His voice is SO good, and even better live.



How old is to old?


If you enjoy what you do, you’re never to old!  Age is just a number.


I hope all of the Queens of the Stone Age fans got this.  It was streaming live last evening.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook.


Friday, May 24th 


As much as I hate music, TV or Movie reviews, here’s reviews on what I like.  I know mostly about music.


The facebook page tried to defend “Vampire Weekend” by saying the singer is not classically trained.  I watched Saturday Night Live that night and he didn’t do very well live IMO.  Their albums are saturated with reverb on the vocals, if there is that much echo or reverb on a vocal track, it’s either to do a cool effect on the vocals or hide the fact that the singer isn’t as good as thought to be.  Dave Grohl wasn’t classically trained, I’m not sure about Ian Thornley, he went to Berkley, I don’t know if he had vocal lessons or not?  He was forced to be the singer in Big Wreck though after they all dropped out of Berkley to form Big Wreck.  I would assume most vocalists don’t have vocal training?


If you’ve heard any other song from Kings of Leon other than “Radioactive”, you’ve heard Vampire Weekend.  Same with Nickelback and all of the bands that sound very similar.  Nickelback is very influential on almost every band out there.  Almost as influential as Nirvana was in the early ’90s.  Now we’re all of these acoustic “rock groups” and they’re all hit & miss.  Thank goodness bands like Soundgarden, The Tea Party, I Mother Earth, Big Wreck, etc. are getting back together.  And Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, STP, etc. are still around  


I’ve checked out most of the Mumford & Sons stuff, they’re good at what they do, but is that who you’d want to see as one of the headliners at Lollapalooza?  A “rock” festival.  I wouldn’t.  Most Canadians should remember Edgefest going across Canada or Summersault.  $30 for a days worth of music, 14 bands on 2 stages!  AWESOME!  Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Big Wreck, Treble Charger, Sum 41, Finger Eleven, Wide Mouth Mason, etc.  Great outdoor shows for very little money.  I miss them and I’m old, this was in my late teens until I turned 20, now I’m 33 and my music is hard to find!   


Queens of the Stone Age webcast  that I missed.


Big Wreck guitar solo on Thornley’s Come Again



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook