Monday, April 29th


This is supposed to be a type of therapy, for me to do 2 or 3 times a week, not 7 days a week!  I guess I have a lot to say.  What would I like to happen sooner than later?  Everything, I just want my old life back of course with Kim in it.  I want to be young, find that fountain of youth, go way back to a simpler time, before elementary school.  Play outside with my brother and cousins at the lake, “jump around” in an inflated castle, make road trips to Hamiota, Manitoba to visit my great grandmother, get lost in that small town with my mother at the wheel, etc.  Really mom, who get’s lost in a town that small?  Just you! Hahaha!  I just want things to be simple again.  “……is that so wrong….etc.”?





OK, back on track here.  3D movies.  I don’t need my movies or shows in 3D.  I have no depth perception and they make Kim a little queasy.  Everything is released or re-released in 3D, our new TV can do 3D, our blu-ray player can’t, and we’re good with that.  We have our 42” flat screen enhanced definition doing nothing in a box, waiting to be on our bedroom wall in our new condo. Dad aka        1-800-George will wire our condo for surround sound once it’s framed, which should be very soon.


Am I really gonna have to wait until October to get cinnamon buns delivered to me, no pants until then, unless one of my friends or cousins get married!  Mitch you’re getting me in short shorts, runners and a golf shirt…………..you know……….to dress it up a bit. 


We are gonna be an “Auntie” and “Uncle” again, no Rachel you aren’t pregnant, as far as I know! Corey & Jolene are having a child!  YIP, YIP, YIPEE!


http://www.rockontherange.com/lineup2013.html   Hopefully Big Wreck will gain some American fans at this show!  I wish it was here, every 2nd  band is a group I’d like to see!


http://www.alterbridge.com/news/2013-04/recording-for-the-4th-alter-bridge-album-has-begun.aspx Alter Bridge 4th album.  They’re recording it as we speak!  Myles Kennedy has an amazing tenor voice, his singing just blows me away!


“There’s always some one else having a worse day than you or I”



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Sunday, April 28th


We watched one of my three favourite animated movies Saturday night, Finding Nemo.  The other two are Despicable Me and The Disney version of Robin Hood.  Gnomeo and Juliet was a good one also, awesome music all Sir Elton John.  The Little Mermaid is not one of my favourites, Ariel is smokin’ hot and it’s an OK movie.  Yes, I have a celebrity crush on a cartoon. Sherry and Kim know all about it.  Sherry even brought me an Ariel balloon one day!  I was happy!  Don’t think Kimmy minded either.


My brother is all about Jasmin from Aladdin! Another Disney cartoon movie!  Kim did a painting of 4 Disney princess’ and Jasmin was on there.  Mitch got to see it before it was sold.  Let’s just say he liked the painting with a passion!


That Rock It Out blog doesn’t always recommend music I like.  I go to iTunes or youtube to check it out first.  Why haven’t they done an interview with this group? 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JtB0Y9oM0I In my EYE, they can do no wrong!  But they’re a Canadian group and are unknown to the USA.  They came from the Berkeley College of Music in ’97, just like Dream Theater, they didn’t graduate though.  They dropped out to form Big Wreck.  In the initial line up Ian Thornley was the only Canadian in Big Wreck, ’97-2002.  Now they’re back and released their 3rd album in 2012.  Yeah we had Thornley for a while but it just wasn’t the same.  I think now there is one American in the group from before, not sure, they were finally nominated for a Juno award, but didn’t win.  This is one of the 2 songs I figured out how to play and sing at the same time, the other one was “Under the Lighthouse” video in my facebook photos with “Tornado” Todd, that’s not what his mom calls him?  I could play “That Song” but not sing it at the same time.  Big Wreck is tied with Foo Fighters as my favourite band, followed by everyone else tied for 2nd place.


I’m not a fan of Rush actually the singing only.  I compared them to KISS who debuted in ’74 also.  KISS has also maintained a large following for the same amount of time, I think they’re in the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” as well.  I’m just sayin’.  Rush is good to me until Geddy Lee starts singing. Very few people can sing that high without screaming, nobody can get close to his high vocal range, that’s clean and not a scream.  I’m not a fan of either group.  It’s all subjective though.  I know of more Rush haters than fans of the group, with fame and success comes the haters for anyone and everyone.  I don’t hate Rush, they’re all very talented musicians, I just can’t tolerate the singing, but I can tolerate the vocals in System of a Down?


Why do I always talk about music?  It’s probably my crazy obsession.  No I’m not on TLC, I don’t have any mannequins or life size cut out’s.  Just a ton of CDs and iTunes files.  I used to go to A & B Sound with Laurie Stirr in high school and we’d both spend a little over $100 on CDs once a month or every other month, whenever one of us had a craving.  She spent most of our hour long trips there in the world music section and I would purchase albums that I liked on the radio.  I wasn’t into metal at the time, that happened later.


I can’t remember if Laurie was 1 or 2 years behind me in school?  It doesn’t really matter.  Her sister, Jamie, was a year ahead of me so were most of Laurie’s friends.


Kim was warned not to let me have Gin on DVD from Kelli and Laurie.  I may have had too much one night in 2000 at a bar in Calgary (with Scott, Laurie and Kelli) as Laurie was going I don’t know where?  .  Let’s just say that our hotel room reeked of gin the next morning.  We went to some tiny diner next to our hotel for breakfast.  I ordered 3 breakfasts, a fruit platter and 2 others.  The waitress or waiter had to pull up an extra table for my meals.  I just disappeared for a while ½ an hour or so.  All of us were supposed to get a tattoo that day, I was the only one that did.  Kelli and I walked all around Calgary trying to find a clean tattoo shop that would take walk in clients around 4:30pm we found one.  I think they closed at 5.  Mom didn’t speak to me for 2 days. Now look at what’s on her foot.  Kliman tried to wipe it off at band rehearsal when he first saw it, “That’s gotta be a stick on tattoo”.


I’ve tried listening to 80s metal so far just the one band with a power ballad that made them famous has stuck.  Mr. Big.  Whatever that power ballad is called is not to my liking, but the rest of it I enjoy.


2002 we hit our goal and played beerfest put on by the Engineering Society at the U of R.  500 people.  I’ll never play to a crowd that big again!  Big thanks to the moron that had the guts  to come on stage and tell me “You guys suck” and the other idiot in the crowd that tried to pick a fight with me because “That’s not old Metallica”, the show was in 2002 we played a few songs off of the Black/Self titled album that came out in ’91.  The album was 11 years old.


I really have no taste for Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses or 80s hair bands.  Michael Jackson, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Mr. Big (who was a hair metal band in the 80s), The Cars, Dire Straits, Genesis, Phil Collins etc.  They’re my influences musically.  Sure groups like Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses, Rush, etc. influenced the music I like nowadays, doesn’t mean I have to like them.  Finger Eleven is hugely influenced by Depeche Mode, Mitch doesn’t have to like them to listen to the first 3 albums that he likes.  Surprise, there are songs by Foo Fighters that I love and some I don’t like.  I like every song up to the “One by One” album then it gets a little dicey for me  I always enjoy the last song on every album.  The double album, the 5th, just a few songs off of the rock album and everything on the acoustic album!    


Just got home after a BBQ burger or 2 in my case from my parents place.  It’s after 10pm now, time to get ready for bed.


“There’s ALWAYS someone else having a worse day than you or I”



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Saturday, April 27th


We don’t have kids.  We aren’t D.I.N.KS we’re O.I.N.KS.  One Income No Kids, just us and Brewster.  I tried watching Ed Robertson’s “Ed’s Up” but couldn’t do it.  He was spending a day with the N.Y. Humane Society.  Capturing pets that became to aggressive for the owners.  It’s not the pet’s fault, the owners didn’t train them properly.  I made it to their 2nd call.  A Springer Spaniel had bitten a husband who was bleeding at the time they got to the house.  The lady, unharmed, was outside crying after they’d captured the dog with a big loop on a stick around the dog’s neck.  They weren’t chocking the dog, he was flipping out though trying to get loose.  What else would the dog do in that situation?  They were picking up a TON of stray cats as well. I couldn’t watch it all the way through.


I found another show to watch a rerun that I had seen before.  No it wasn’t Criminal Minds, it would freak my mom out though.  The Killer Speaks on A & E.  Why do I watch shows like this?  This just shows that anyone can snap in a second and go on a killing spree.  The one guy had siblings that grew up with him and had an abusive father.  Why was it just him that went on a killing spree and not his siblings?  He couldn’t fill his void of calm by killing one family, so he drove to Texas and killed another family on a farm where there were no neighbours near and he could use his automated guns as long as he wanted.  He didn’t kill the 10 year old girl at the farm like he had thought.  He fired one shot and she didn’t move, he shot at a silhouette in the window, at 3am or so.  He was on his way to Mexico, stopped for gas and turned the wrong way out of the parking lot at 8am.  He got to the border and was arrested there for the weapons in his truck, then came clean to an officer in his original state at 10am.


These shows don’t bother me.  I find them interesting, I can’t sit through a horror movie though?!  That’s weird.  


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjQYlPnwdcE&feature=youtu.be Lamb of God trailer for the upcoming documentary.  WARNING! LANGUAGE & METAL


My long list of music that I have to check out.


Colin James, Helmet, Matt Mays,  Physical Graffiti, Jackson 5, Matt Mays, One Bad Son, Phoenix, July Talk, Killjoys “Starry” + “Gimme Five”, Candelbox Greatest Hits, Born Ruffians, Barenaked Ladies, Walk off the Earth R.E.V.O., Soilwork, Sevendust “Seasons”, “Home”, “Animosity”,   Jimmy Eat World June 11th, Q.O.T.S.A., Halestorm “Self titled”, Reanimate:The Covers, Fall out Boy, Tegan & Sara “Hearthrob”, Black Sabbath June 11, Jackson United, SYQEM


Yes, Fall Out Boy, their latest album is a medium hard rock album if you’d like to check them out.  Just like “Screaming Bloody Murder” from Sum 41.  This is copy and pasted from my desktop sticky notes.  The rock music I like is hard to find.  I subscribe to the Rock It Out blog a 2 minute video blog, twice a day about music to listen to.  When did Daft Punk (an electronic/techno band) become a viable rock band?  The guy that runs the blog is addicted to them and their upcoming release in the summer.  You can subscribe through email, twitter or facebook.  It’s on youtube no matter what, it will take you to Consequence of Sound website and then play on youtube, not on Saturdays or Sundays though.


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I’ve given up on them.  The double album that I bought the CD, unheard, I was expecting something different.  Listened to it once and it’s among my CDs somewhere, almost brand new, one listen only.  Just not for me. I don’t want to learn to love an album, if it’s not to my liking, then I never listen to it again.


I hope you’ve all found the subscribe box linked to your email. It should be in one of the corners. Kim and I can’t see who’s subscribed, just the comments that we have to approve after one comment, then we don’t have to approve any future comments.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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Still Friday, April 26th


I have never considered myself as any type of “hero”.  I’m just a regular guy that got and defeated brain cancer and there’s other people who are true heroes!


First off Kim.  I would have never made it through all of this crap without her.  She had every hospital and the WRC make exceptions for her to stay with me unconscious or conscious.  I was unconscious as soon as I hit the Ambulance and she was there ASAP.  Both the General and Pasqua hospitals made an exception for her to sleep on a cote next to my bed.  Same exception at the Wascana Rehabilitation Center.


My nurses, special care aids, doctors, family, and friends, from whatever province they were in, most of them in Alberta now.  They all rushed to my side when I got cancer. Rob told me that he had never wanted to be in Saskatchewan more than when I got sick.  There was nothing anyone could have done, my body had to deal with it, my body was on autopilot.


Dave and Liz wanted to cancel their trip to a warm destination.  They couldn’t have done anything by staying here.  If I died, I died………….I didn’t though.  I’m still around to bother whoever whenever.  I’m not crazy, my mother didn’t have to have me tested!


People calling me a “hero” are completely off track.  Kim almost lost her husband of just 2 ½ years, Mitch almost lost his only sibling, my parents almost watched their first born die, my cousins, aunts, and uncles almost lost me, Kim’s/my family almost lost me.  I want to thank everyone for being my heroes and saving my life.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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Thank Grohl It’s Friday a photo somewhere on facebook.  I think he has around 4 or 5 fan pages on facebook?  Then there’s the Foo Fighter facebook page.


Friday, April 26th


Here I am at home in one of my many Into Eternity shirts and can’t make it to the show tonight at the Exchange?  I need someone to drive me and give me a hand to the washroom if needed.  Kim is not a fan of metal, Mitch is just not in to metal music as I am.


What can I NOT do in a wheelchair? That’s a short list.  I can’t reach things on the top shelf (3rd) in the cupboard, but I can stand to get things off of the 2nd shelf.  It’s difficult for me to reach the lamp behind my nifty recliner, but I can do that.  I wont be able to drive until my eye heals itself, still have double vision and wear a patch to not see double.


Can’t sing or play guitar yet.  Can’t play on a company softball team yet, my eye would have to heal for that also.  “I can’t dance or walk” without assistance……………………yet! My voice is still terrible



I need someone to hold the door for me if there’s no handicap button to open the door for me.  Kim’s with me to hold a door open if needed then I can wheel my self through a doorway.  I can do more stuff than I can’t!  The little things I can do, I surprise myself and find great joy in what I can do.  Nobody notices my wheelchair, just my eye patch.  If they stare they can go right ahead, that’s their problem, not mine.


Carmen (if that’s your real name) let’s get real here.  I’m wearing pants again and you have yet to bring over a batch of cinnamon buns.  If that’s the way you’re going to play it, NO MORE PANTS FOR THIS GUY! 


I don’t eat piles of sweets, like I did during my therapy.  I could eat anything and not gain weight.  I couldn’t drink or eat anything for a while.  One Christmas season I had 15 liters off eggnog and didn’t gain a pound, I was loosing weight, no matter what I ate or drank, cookies, eggnog, blue whales, cake, cheese cake, etc.  I’m sure it was because of all of the therapy I was doing.  You’d think with me exercising twice a day I’d still be thinner than I was going in to the hospital?


Chrystal, Messer, Dallas, Jack, Stephanie, guess what I had for lunch today?



Really? http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/04/rock-it-out-blog-arguing-about-music-leads-to-violence/


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I” 



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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P.S.  I get to tell you what I do, how I am, what’s going on with Kim and I, now you tell me, please?  I do care about you and I don’t get everyone’s status updates on facebook. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions on any topic, if you wish to keep it private, that’s fine as well.


Still Thursday, April 25th

 That’s enough Mark Zuckerberg!  You keep tinkering with the look of facebook and not really fixing it. Sure you may think what you’re doing with facebook is awesome, but it’s not.  What about child exploitation, I haven’t seen any but I know the R.C.M.P.  Is looking into it, those who can.  I’m not sure about the F.B.I. but I assume they are, or should be.  Aren’t you the richest person under the age of 30?  Stop playing around with the design of facebook and do some real work please.  You’ve made everyone on facebook change to a “Timeline” instead of a “Wall”, put all of our personal info on the left and our “home page” is full of “Timeliness” to “Like”!

 Please fix the problems with facebook, soon, actually yesterday.

Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin should just launch a class action lawsuit against the paparazzi.  They’re invading celebrities privacy with always being in someone’s face, they killed Princess Diana because they wanted photos, is that how the paparazzi wants to be remembered?  I say Bieber, Baldwin have every right to argue and fight with the paparazzi.  Yeah, they don’t own the street that they’re being photographed on, but it is just as bad as stalking someone.

Here’s how I view religion.  I believe in God and the Church.  I don’t regularly attend Church at all. Evolution is fact.  Genesis has it wrong to me, so does the big bang. There was no big bang, we were ALMOST hit by a meteor a few weeks ago.  Why have we NOT been hit by a large meteor since?  I believe that God put the dinosaurs, birds, apes, crocodiles, etc. on the earth.  A meteor would not have created life.  It would have ruined and  broken earth into many pieces.  If you believe in the big bang you must believe in aliens/other life out there.  Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I believe.


Everyone has their own opinion on the matter.  Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhism, Jehovah Witness, whatever you’re not wrong you just have a different way of looking at things, and that’s cool!


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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 Thursday, April 25th

 I can see some grass finally!  Cause for celebration all you Regina residents!  Sorry to those involved with the Into Eternity show tomorrow night.  I’d love to see Amanda and Stu singing, that would have been great, I will definitely at the CD release show.  Justin, I hope you had a good birthday in the Club last night!

 I woke up yesterday to Billy Joel singing a lyric that said “….it’s 3pm….”.  I don’t know what song that’s from but it freaked me out.  I thought it was 3pm and I had wasted the day.  It was just after 9am though.

 I don’t find any pleasure in leaving Canada.  There’s so much to see here anyways, why would I go anywhere else?  Sure I could see something amazing, it would cost me a few hundred dollars.  Or I could stay in Canada for less.  I’ve been out of Canada once and once only.  To Boston in the summer 2007.  Kim had training there, so I went with her.  My days were quite boring, our hotel was in a suburb of Boston, North Andover.  During the day I didn’t have a car, and there was a tiny gas station close to the hotel and 2 restaurants.  I spent a lot of time walking here and there.

 It was hot and humid it felt like I needed a shower when I got back to our hotel after an hour or two. If the cleaning staff hadn’t been to our room I went swimming in the hotel pool.  Kim had the car all day at her training in another suburb not to far from our hotel, by car.  There were two things I liked about being there, 1. Guiness and 2. Seafood.  Everyday at supper with Kim, we went to the replica of “Cheers” twice I think the first time I had a burger, the only time I’ve been asked “How do you want your burger done?”  That was a bit of a culture shock to Kim and I.  The second time we went there was to watch The Boston Red Sox vs. The Anaheim Angles.   We tried to get into the game, but the 4 entrances were lined up for a block or more.  We took a cab back to “Cheers”, and watched the game on TV with an older gentleman at the bar beside us.  I may have had a few more pints of Guiness than needed.

We always took the train from a near by suburb into Boston.  Even our cab driver wouldn’t go all of the way to Fenway Park, nobody wanted to drive in the city.

 I don’t want or need to go to another country.  It seems as though everybody else does, that’s fine, just not for me, at all.  I’ll be here when you get back!

Jehovah Witness’ please stop forcing your faith on everybody.  I was forcing my opinions on other people before.  It didn’t take me an eternity to figure out that I was messing up, why are you forcing your religion on every one else? Trevor Redler has it right he tells them the truth, “I’m a Catholic school teacher”.  I think they saw me making lunch one day through the kitchen window, I didn’t answer the door, hopefully they got the hint?  Kim is Lutheran, I’m Anglican and you’re Jehovah Witness, great!  Let’s leave it at that.

“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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Wednesday, April 24th


Happy birthday metal JBels!!  Would love to join the festivities tonight, but I can’t.  You “have drink a drink on me”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQX1pTe7YGU This seems fitting for the evening.  I’ll have one for you.


My iPod did not want to connect to my computer, took me a while.  I just had to not move it or even touch it and it was fine.


I tried to do my exercise’, but somebody (Brewster) wanted to play!  I did my sit crunches and leg lifts on my back, then I tried going on my hands and knees.  Everytime I would start to roll on to them, Brewster was afraid I was leaving and started wrestling with one of my hands!  He’s my home slice, he can also be a bit of a hammerhead.  I’m gonna try again once I’m done this and watch the rest of the poor, poor Jays game. 


I record as many Blue Jay games as possible, and watch them when Kim is doing something else or when Sherry comes over.  Sherry prefers NASCAR, why I don’t know?  Most people find baseball to be boring.  I don’t think I’d enjoy going to a game, I don’t think I’d be able to follow the ball everywhere with one eye.  TV baseball is good for me!


I am not able to sit through an NFL game.  The CFL is “longer, wider, faster” as my old T-Shirt says. Our field is longer and wider, and American players have to adjust to the speed of the CFL.  CFL games are an hour faster, still 15minute quarters, but doesn’t take 4 hours to watch?  Only 3 hours.


We live in Regina, Saskatchewan, middle of nowhere.  We don’t get a lot of high profile bands here.  We have to drive one of the most boring drives to Saskatoon, 2 ½ hours straight north and a lot of us drive home right after at 12am or whenever the show ends.  Or pay for a hotel, or stay at a friends place.  Sometimes, more than anybody would think, we are skipped over completely and have to go to Winnipeg, Manitoba or Calgary/Edmonton Alberta.  Lately some bigger acts have stopped here, TOOL, Blue Man Group, Elton John, Stone Temple Pilots, Katy Perry or Black Label Society.  Barenaked Ladies always have Regina on their tour schedule, so does Big Wreck.  But Canadian groups like I.M.E. have been to Saskatchewan maybe 3 times.  I think they were in Saskatoon a few weeks ago.  I haven’t seen them since high school.  Once in Saskatoon and once in Regina.  A Canadian band from Ontario who broke up in 2004 and reunited last year, they almost always skip Saskatchewan!



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P.S.  Here’s a news article from the other side of the argument, no I don’t agree with it.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REeeucZtDY0 “my (iPod’s) back hey la hey la…”

Tuesday, April 23rd

 I thought I’d have to send Apple a nasty email.  I got my iPod back on Monday and the receipt said I had an 80gb brand new iPod.  It was wrong though, it’s a 160gb iPod, all is well though.  Now I won’t wake Kim up in the middle of the night asking “What time is it?” at 2am!  I was lost without it, I still have a long list of albums to purchase from iTunes.  I do wish they would get bands and artists to release the obscure albums and B-sides.  I had to download that stuff for free, can’t buy them on iTunes or in a music store, oh well, they should be on my external hard drive.  If it’s a local band that I like, I have no problem purchasing a CD.  If it’s a huge band that I like with a bonus DVD or something I’ll purchase the CD, if there’s no bonus item, straight to iTunes.

 I refuse to purchase a DVD or blu-ray on iTunes or rent a show off of Netflix.  Kim has to rail me in because she knows I’ll go on a spending spree  $135 last year for iTunes disappeared very quickly after Christmas.

 I put on my fb page that Econoline Crush was coming to The Pump on Friday, June 28th .  I sent a message to The Pump asking about tickets.  There will be a show announced around that date but not on the 28th is what I was told.

Really, this is spring???  There’s still far to much snow laying around.  I don’t know how many feet of snow are on our lawn?  We have terrible ruts in our driveway also. Wasn’t the start of spring a week or so ago?  We are supposed to hit double digits later on this week.  Hopefully that speeds up the melting process!

 I’ll have to watch the hockey playoffs this year.  My Montreal Canadiens are already in, followed by the stinkin’ Toronto Maple “Lafs”.  It’s been 9 years since Toronto made the playoffs and still their fans cheer them on?  OK all of you old fogies keep cheering for them, I’ll be with the cool group cheering against them.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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Sunday, April 21st


I must be getting old.  I only recognized a couple of bands/artists on the Juno Awards here in Regina.  Mariana’s Trench, Big Wreck who were nominated and I think are on tour with Motley Crue, Rush, Michael Buble, Carly Rae Jepsen, Bieber nominated but I don’t know if he’s in town, Nickelback was nominated I don’t know if they’re here, Leonard Cohen, Tom Cochrane, K.D. Lang and Colin James.


Kim is watching it in the living room, I made it to the 2nd commercial break.  I’ve not heard or don’t like most of the bands here, performing, presenting or nominated.  It feels like a younger generation’s award show.


My parents were over Friday evening for supper with me, a visit and a few of dad’s CDs for my new iPod whenever it arrives, which I hope is soon.  I couldn’t play the game of “What ten albums would you take with you on a deserted island?” I’d take my iPod, I’m assuming there’s electricity on the island for a CD player.


I was that annoying person in high school and SIAST that lugged around my CD holder of 40 CDs, and occasionally tuned everyone out.  Even at work I had my iPod on during most shifts, one ear bud in my worst ear other one down my shirt and sound blocking headphones over my ears, the presses were quite loud.


I guess I knew who “Walk off the Earth” was also.  I didn’t know they’re Canadian, but they were nominated as well as “Breakthrough group of the year” but didn’t win.  They’re also on my long list of stuff to buy from iTunes.


Big Wreck was nominated for Rock album of the year, but of course Rush won that and deservedly so.  As Dave Grohl said while inducting them to the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”, “When did Rush become cool?”  I don’t think Dave Grohl is the best rock drummer in the world?!  Neil Peart from Rush is hands down followed by Dave, a long ways away at no.2.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


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