Sunday, March 31st


I’m really excited for the new Q.O.T.S.A. album in June.  I assume there should be an I.M.E. album soon.  I have no idea about Tool?  Don’t know what to believe or not? One interview says this and the other says this, they’d better not wait a decade to release a new album?


I think Prince has a new album out, not positive though.  He was on Fallon on Friday night playing 2 new songs, it should be out on Tuesday, he has a website for, it will most likely be on iTunes, for full price over $20.  “Walk off the Earth” is on my list of albums to purchase off of iTunes.  I have a HUGE list of albums I will purchase off of iTunes.  Tool doesn’t have anything on iTunes, Prince’ new album has a website to purchase it. Not on iTunes though, yet.  I don’t usually watch Jimmy Fallon, but I recorded it just because Prince was playing Friday. Live new Queens of the Stone Age song.  BAD LANGUAGE AFTER THE SONG!


Sevendust will also have a release, it’s out or coming out in the next couple of months, I’ll add that to my list as well.


We should hear a new heavier album from Alter Bridge this year, along with a box set.  That was quick, 4 albums and a box set so early.  I hope this isn’t the end of them?!  As far as I know they want to be on tour in September.


I can’t believe one of my friends is going to a Rhianna show in Edmonton.  Oh well not for me, hope he has a good time!  I wouldn’t cross the street to see her or AIR SUPPLY! I find Rhianna every bit as annoying as Air Supply, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, pretty much any music nowadays!  I’m not a fan of most commercial radio stations, especially 104.9 The Wolf.  I’ve either got the album already or don’t like it, I am very picky about my music, most don’t like it, to each their own.


I could sit here and say this band sucks or that band sucks, but that would be wrong!  If they have hundreds, thousands or millions of fans they must be doing something right.


Happy Easter,

“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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