Thursday, March 28th


Courtney Love Cobain wastes her time complaining about Dave Grohl whenever she’s doing an interview or concert.  I don’t even know if she does concerts anymore?  She has her fans and that’s great.  Then she makes a point to say something negative about Dave Grohl like when she was interviewed on Howard Stern’s radio show “Kurt never liked you Dave”.  If she has such a problem with him, why bother airing her dirty laundry in public? That won’t change the past!  Kurt Cobain won’t rise from the dead?!


She barely has to deal with Dave anymore.  Her people deal with his people if something big comes up in Nirvana land.  They don’t ever have to speak to each other personally.  Dave Grohl takes the high road.  “Everyone remembers things their own way”.  Done.  Sure things were different at the end as Dave says on Stern’s show “There were the people who did the drugs and the people that didn’t do the drugs.  I didn’t do the drugs and I didn’t do the drugs”.  This is what Kurt had to say about Dave.


And this is what Courtney had to say, in public on the Howard Stern radio show, about Dave. NOT FOR KIDS!


Here’s Dave’s response.  Wait, he has no response, the only thing I’ve ever heard him say is the quote above in an hour+ long interview on the Howard Stern radio show. Check out youtube and see all of the crap Courtney Love has to say about him.  Just search their 2 names together and all you find is CL bashing DG, anywhere and everywhere.


I have lot’s of positive things to say about others, yes I was picking out flaws before, privately and publicly on random people.  It is a waste of time!  On my part and Courtney Love’s.  Sure Dave Grohl was rich after Kurt killed himself, $15,000,000 is what he went away with, I’m sure he’d give it all away just to have his friend back.  Courtney probably got just as much if not more, does any of this matter?  I wouldn’t think so?


I don’t think Kurt wrote music for Courtney Love’s band Hole.  The music was completely different, despite the loud distorted guitars and such.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S.  Happy Easter or Passover, don’t know of any other religious holidays this time of year. 

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