Tuesday, March 26th


We watched “This is 40” on the weekend.  “The kind of sequel to Knocked Up”.  No Seth Rogen or Kathrine how ever you spell it.  Just Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.  It was alright of course not for little ones.  I almost feel like I’m 40?  When did I get so old?  Oh, that was during the last 5 years, oops!


I fell last night and I think it was Sunday the other time.  I was down on the floor to wrestle with Brewster.  Every time I would try to get on my hands and knees he’d come charging at me wanting to play some more.  Every time I thought he was done and didn’t want to play anymore.  This happened 3 times, on the 4th time, I rolled over to fast and smashed my head into the ground.  I don’t have a black eye like I thought I would. That was the first time I fell and really hurt myself, it was worse than when I fell in the parking lot of Tony Romas in the fall, face first out of my wheelchair on to the cement!


The other time I fell, I’m not sure what I was doing?  I was playing with Brewster and I banged my left elbow on my wheelchair.  Took a big hunk of flesh out of my arm.  My eye feels OK, my arm must be bruised though, it hurts when I use it to stand up to get something off of the 2nd or 3rd shelf in the kitchen cupboards.


In 2008, I got to meet Andy Fantuz.  He brought me an autographed jersey and two labour day tickets for the handicap section.  Kim and I stayed until half time, it was cold, windy and raining.  Micheal Palmer came with him to see me.  The 3 of us took a photo together.  They both signed it when they got it back, it’s here somewhere?  Kim’s been packing nic nacs around the house, don’t know where it is.  Jody from Impact brought me a football signed by the Riders also that year.  Later on when I first moved to the WRC, Marcus “Chunky” Adams came to see me, a defensive linemen who’s wife worked at the police station with Dave ( who set it up if I remember correctly) came to see me as well.  Instantly noticed Kim’s painting of D.J. Flick from the 2007 Grey Cup on my wall and asked if he had signed my football.  Brought me a T-Shirt that all of the Riders and coach’s autographed.


In 2008 in the Pasqua hospital, one of my dad’s clients brought Lorne Cardinal from the show “Corner Gas” with him, a show filmed in Rouleau and on a sound stage in Regina. Dad’s client was involved with the Prairie Thunder rugby club, the guy in the next room to me was a Rugby player.  Lorne brought a “Corner Gas” rugby jersey signed by the cast of the show 1 of 20 made.  In the Pasqua I had my Fantuz, Corner Gas and Patrick Roy (not signed) jersey all hanging above my bed.  No Toronto Maple “Lafs” jersey allowed in my room.  Only old people cheer for them Uncle Kent, where did you go wrong?


How do you become a contestant on American Idol without ever hearing or knowing one song by The Beatles?  2 of the top 10 had no clue who The Beatles were?  I think it’s because there’s a generation gap between the judges and contestants.  The Beatles are the reason we have boy bands and rock bands!  The Beatles started out as a boy band “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, “Love me Do” early on, which lead to “Come Together” and “Eleanor Rigby”.  They never played Rap or Country music though, as far as I know?


If you’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age, their album will be released in June.  From the photo of the sound board on facebook it looks as though Dave Grohl is drumming on the album.  This link is from their 3rd album which Dave Grohl played drums on.


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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