Saturday, March 23rd


Happy birthday younger but bigger bro, behave your self!  Please don’t mix your bottle of Jack Daniel’s with Cadbury Cream Eggs.  Grrooss!


Kim told me that when I was in a coma for how “everlong”.  I had a very high fever.  Tylenol every 4 hours didn’t do a thing.  The hospital had a blanket that had flowing chilled water through it.  I guess that and the Tylenol helped take down my high fever.


I’m fine no need to worry about me. I’m angry that I had cancer, I think anyone would be?  I just don’t need to get angry at a group of people or a certain individual because “there’s no one to blame for why I’m all screwed up”. Sorry, only on facebook, but well worth a few minutes.  “The Best Way To Stop A Bully”


Read this, YIPEE!  I was never a fan, but I almost bought a ticket to see them in Saskatoon when MUSE was opening for them, before I was sick.  MUSE’s last date on the tour was two or three days before they hit Saskatoon.  Kind of backwards if you ask me?


All of my music knowledge “these days” is from the Rock It Out Blog, you can subscribe to it through email, facebook or twitter. Greatest goal you’ll never see, from my uncle Kent.  Very heart warming!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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