Sunday, March 31st


I’m really excited for the new Q.O.T.S.A. album in June.  I assume there should be an I.M.E. album soon.  I have no idea about Tool?  Don’t know what to believe or not? One interview says this and the other says this, they’d better not wait a decade to release a new album?


I think Prince has a new album out, not positive though.  He was on Fallon on Friday night playing 2 new songs, it should be out on Tuesday, he has a website for, it will most likely be on iTunes, for full price over $20.  “Walk off the Earth” is on my list of albums to purchase off of iTunes.  I have a HUGE list of albums I will purchase off of iTunes.  Tool doesn’t have anything on iTunes, Prince’ new album has a website to purchase it. Not on iTunes though, yet.  I don’t usually watch Jimmy Fallon, but I recorded it just because Prince was playing Friday. Live new Queens of the Stone Age song.  BAD LANGUAGE AFTER THE SONG!


Sevendust will also have a release, it’s out or coming out in the next couple of months, I’ll add that to my list as well.


We should hear a new heavier album from Alter Bridge this year, along with a box set.  That was quick, 4 albums and a box set so early.  I hope this isn’t the end of them?!  As far as I know they want to be on tour in September.


I can’t believe one of my friends is going to a Rhianna show in Edmonton.  Oh well not for me, hope he has a good time!  I wouldn’t cross the street to see her or AIR SUPPLY! I find Rhianna every bit as annoying as Air Supply, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, pretty much any music nowadays!  I’m not a fan of most commercial radio stations, especially 104.9 The Wolf.  I’ve either got the album already or don’t like it, I am very picky about my music, most don’t like it, to each their own.


I could sit here and say this band sucks or that band sucks, but that would be wrong!  If they have hundreds, thousands or millions of fans they must be doing something right.


Happy Easter,

“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Saturday, March 30th


Supper at my parents last night with my uncle Kent, cousin David, Grandma, and Mitch & Rachel.  Of course Grandpa was still in the hospital.


Everyone rushed to see me in 2008, when I was either in a coma or sleeping.  I spent my 29th birthday in the Pasqua hospital auditorium.  70+ people were there! I couldn’t believe how many people were there for me. 


When everyone saw that I survived cancer in 2009, lots of people just vanished?  I was most likely in their thoughts and prayers, but most people probably thought “Oh, he’s fine, he survived”, so not the case.  That’s their problem, not mine!  Friends and family would visit me, that was great.  The real battle was just beginning for me!  Surviving surviving cancer was the tough part.  I worked my butt off to be where I am today, far away from where I want to be, “A Million Miles Away”!  If this is to real for you, stop reading!  I felt like gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe to some people.  That’s how I felt.  How has everybody else’ life been since Tuesday, February 5th 2008?  Kim and I, not so good thanks for asking! 


Yeah, I could be in a lot worse position, dead, paralyzed, blind, etc.  When I was doing my therapy quite a few people came to see me, ask what I needed, bent over backwards for me and I thank you all so so much.  Tim came from Edmonton 2 or 3 times a year, Rob and Diane did as well.  Mitch was there quite a bit of course and always offered to come and see/help me in any way possible through my therapy.  My boss was calling my parents for two years, etc.  Everyone got to grow up and have kids, I missed out on all of it.  I’m not trying to push anyone out of my life.  This is my 2nd chance at life, so I’d better make it worth living.


Nobody could really “help” me.  I had to do it with as much help as Kim could give me.  She was with me every second of everyday that just probably sucked for her!  I’m not done trying though or else this blog wouldn’t have been started. That’s why I have to exercise constantly!  What do you all do everyday?  Even when I’m not exercising I’m working out.  How easy is it for you to get a dish off the 2nd shelf of an upper cupboard?  It used to take me 5-7 tries, now it’s 1-2 tries for me to stand up and get something!  How much energy do you spend standing in front of the sink brushing your teeth with one hand on the counter while the other hand opens the toothpaste and mouth wash?  I bet most of you don’t even think about it.


I’m not mad at anyone in particular, just needed to vent.  I’m allowed to be angry at the world once in a while, right?  Please read the link at the bottom at least and make people aware of this!!! 100 greatest debut albums.  Most of I agree, some I’ve never heard of and a few that did nothing influence music in any way.  I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Sam after a stroke on medication, look what happens. Dog shaming.  They run the household.

Alter Bridge 4th album and a box set to be released this year.  Tour hopefully in September!

Please, please support this cause. Pass this link on to anyone and everyone.  This is a person who for years had a worse day than EVERYBODY!  Pass this onto people through your email, twitter, face book, etc., however you choose.  Just pass it on, please.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Thursday, March 28th still


My Grandparents took care of me as a baby.  I was lucky enough to have all of them (4) until December 5th ’99.  Yes, I was born January 30th 1980.  I was 19 and in my first full year of university, and my Grandmother, on my mom’s side, passed away from breast cancer.  I was a mess when we got home the evening of the memorial service at the church.


I hid out in my room in the basement and listened to music.  I didn’t want to talk to anybody or be social at all.  I remember Uncle Ken, the youngest of 4, coming down to see how I was doing.  I don’t remember our conversation.  I was zoned out on the Blue, Green, Orange album from I.M.E.  I think he got it, we had a short chat, and then he left me to go upstairs with the other family members.


It was the first tragic death I’d been through.  I did get to meet 3 of my great grandmothers.  Little grandma James as we called her, grandma Mitchell and grandma Kennedy in Hamiota, Manitoba.  My Great grandma Mitchell lived to the age of 103, so Kim got to meet her.  The other two didn’t live as long, unfortunately.


My grandpa Fraser had open heart surgery today, and all went well from speaking with my parents.  So I’m lucky to have my Fraser grandparents still alive.


I treated grandpa James terribly.  He had alzheimers very bad and I couldn’t deal with it the right way, so I didn’t bother to see him for almost a year.  Wrong move on my part, BIG TIME!  I got tired of hearing the same thing again and again and again.  Now I miss him like crazy.  He got me into the CFL, the Blue Jays and the Edmonton Oilers dynasty in the early 80s.  I had season tickets to the Rider games when I was 11 or 12 with my James grandparents.  They both taught me about the game.  Grandpa James passed away in the summer of 2012, of colon cancer that spread everywhere quickly.  Just down the hall from the room I was in with brain cancer.  He passed away one week before his 85th birthday.  Apparently he always said “I’ll never turn 85”.  I guess he was right, again.  He was always right, at least that’s how he saw it.


What do I remember about him?  He was cheating at whatever game we were all playing at the cabin, except horse shoes, which he also taught me.  We were always telling lies about the size of the fish we caught and lost, if he wasn’t with us.


We were all at the hospital until all was said and done at 4am or so, a few days after my cousin’s wedding at Regina Beach.  At least he got to see Tamara and Kurt’s wedding.


My Fraser grandparents looked after me as child also.  I went back and forth one week at a time.  They signed me up for golf lessons for 2 years.  Grandpa showed me how to curl after one of his games.  I liked going to the Science Center quite a bit with them or the museum.  Grandma says there’s always room for me on her lap, she may want to re-think that one!  I would help with the yard in the early summer planting 200 or 300 flowers and then helping with the garden and the crab-apple tree.  When the tomatoes were ripe enough they would make me a toasted tomato sandwich, or a “Sharp Sandwich” as I called it.  All of my grandparents had a hand in raising Mitch and I.


Even our family dog, Oreo a small breed, missed Grandma James.  We’d go over and Oreo would go straight to the kitchen, where grandma always was. 



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Thursday, March 28th


Courtney Love Cobain wastes her time complaining about Dave Grohl whenever she’s doing an interview or concert.  I don’t even know if she does concerts anymore?  She has her fans and that’s great.  Then she makes a point to say something negative about Dave Grohl like when she was interviewed on Howard Stern’s radio show “Kurt never liked you Dave”.  If she has such a problem with him, why bother airing her dirty laundry in public? That won’t change the past!  Kurt Cobain won’t rise from the dead?!


She barely has to deal with Dave anymore.  Her people deal with his people if something big comes up in Nirvana land.  They don’t ever have to speak to each other personally.  Dave Grohl takes the high road.  “Everyone remembers things their own way”.  Done.  Sure things were different at the end as Dave says on Stern’s show “There were the people who did the drugs and the people that didn’t do the drugs.  I didn’t do the drugs and I didn’t do the drugs”.  This is what Kurt had to say about Dave.


And this is what Courtney had to say, in public on the Howard Stern radio show, about Dave. NOT FOR KIDS!


Here’s Dave’s response.  Wait, he has no response, the only thing I’ve ever heard him say is the quote above in an hour+ long interview on the Howard Stern radio show. Check out youtube and see all of the crap Courtney Love has to say about him.  Just search their 2 names together and all you find is CL bashing DG, anywhere and everywhere.


I have lot’s of positive things to say about others, yes I was picking out flaws before, privately and publicly on random people.  It is a waste of time!  On my part and Courtney Love’s.  Sure Dave Grohl was rich after Kurt killed himself, $15,000,000 is what he went away with, I’m sure he’d give it all away just to have his friend back.  Courtney probably got just as much if not more, does any of this matter?  I wouldn’t think so?


I don’t think Kurt wrote music for Courtney Love’s band Hole.  The music was completely different, despite the loud distorted guitars and such.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S.  Happy Easter or Passover, don’t know of any other religious holidays this time of year. 


Wednesday, March 27th


Even though I was dis-charged from my therapies at the end of July, it feels like it was 20 years ago.  Big deal, I’m in a wheelchair and I have a patch over my left eye. Doesn’t bother me.  My eye patch, most people notice that & stare at me, especially little kids.  Wheelchair is never noticed.  People see others in a wheelchair and think nothing of it, but how often do you see an eye patch………….almost never.


Oh well, stare at it, I don’t really care.  Yes, my therapies were difficult, my speech therapy is on going and I have a cat-scan later on this year.  I’m not out of the woods yet.  Everyone calls me a “hero, inspiration, miracle, etc”. Medically I guess I am, physically and mentally I’m not…………..yet.


I have to exercise twice a day, oh well, it’s good for anyone, cancer patient or not.  If I can do it, so can anyone else.


When I was going through my PT, OT, and ET, I would curse at myself if I couldn’t do something the right way. My PT, Robin, heard me get very frustrated with myself everyday, while walking with a walker and asked me “Will you dwell on this when you’re 90 years old?”  I guess not!  I’ve forgotten all about my cancer, just have to keep moving on.  Life didn’t stop for me or anyone.  Should it have?  No, I don’t think so.  I didn’t die, I made it, and I’m happy to be alive and to have been born, wasn’t so much before.


Two of my therapists wanted to put me on a special program.  They kind of did, without a pile of paper work.  For a while at the peak of my therapies I was doing physio therapy once a day Mondays and Tuesdays, twice a day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Occupational therapy once, 5 days a week, twice on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Exercise therapy 2 times a week.  Thank goodness all of my therapists had the same E.D.O. Every 3rd week.  I would do terrible on Mondays and at the end of the week.  My body was just so incredibly tired at the end of the week.  Even Mei, my O.T., couldn’t believe I was at 17 therapies a week, when the previous blog started October 16th of 2011.  My therapists, Kim, brother, parents and everyone else saw me go through an evil thing, cancer, therapy, and depression.  My music therapist, Melinda, even saw me in tears one day, I was so sorry I had put Kim through all of this and I didn’t know how to make it better.  Kim and I didn’t see it coming, nobody did!


I went quite a while forcing myself to eat I was so bummed out and feeling sorry for myself.  For a day or two I had zero drive to eat anything at all.  I was at my parents house in bed, while my friends and family were in the kitchen baking thousands of cookies to fundraise for the “Relay for Life”.  Elka came in with some bananas and got the order from my mom to force me to have a banana so I did, slowly.  (Thanks again Gwen Stefani now I can spell bananas).  I was so confused before you released this song, I couldn’t figure out if the As or Ns were first?   Not really a fan of “that song” but the drum line is good.


This one is better “That Song”   This is the song you always asked me to show you Messer.


Yes, Redler, I did get quite thin. Corey and I were both quite thin at the 4 Seasons steak night, now I’m a bit larger than I was before cancer, (B.C.)!


FYI-You can “follow” this with your email address at the top of the page if you like,  Kim and I can’t see it.  You will get an email everytime there is a post on the site.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Still Tuesday, March 26th


REALLY???  No birthday dinner with my younger but bigger bro, where was our cake?  I had to have frozen yogurt instead, it was OK I guess.  Kim was sick for the original day, Thursday.  She still has a cough, sneezing and a runny nose.  We spent Mitch’s birthday supper here, “just the two of us.”   


Dad brought dinner over earlier this afternoon, while I was playing cribbage with Kris from the ABI program.  To help stimulate my mind amongst other things, living in the community with having had a brain injury.  It is helping my thoughts with all of the math involved, it is also forcing me to use my shaky left hand as well.


I very rarely watch the programing on TLC other than Dateline:Unsolved Mysteries.  TLC is supposed to stand for The Learning Chanel.  What will I learn on there?  That we’re all different?  I know that already, thanks TLC!  For what, I don’t know?


Anyways the 2nd link is very important for today.,31812   NOT FOR KIDS THAT CAN READ, NO AUDIO! Article about a missing woman in Regina.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Tuesday, March 26th


We watched “This is 40” on the weekend.  “The kind of sequel to Knocked Up”.  No Seth Rogen or Kathrine how ever you spell it.  Just Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.  It was alright of course not for little ones.  I almost feel like I’m 40?  When did I get so old?  Oh, that was during the last 5 years, oops!


I fell last night and I think it was Sunday the other time.  I was down on the floor to wrestle with Brewster.  Every time I would try to get on my hands and knees he’d come charging at me wanting to play some more.  Every time I thought he was done and didn’t want to play anymore.  This happened 3 times, on the 4th time, I rolled over to fast and smashed my head into the ground.  I don’t have a black eye like I thought I would. That was the first time I fell and really hurt myself, it was worse than when I fell in the parking lot of Tony Romas in the fall, face first out of my wheelchair on to the cement!


The other time I fell, I’m not sure what I was doing?  I was playing with Brewster and I banged my left elbow on my wheelchair.  Took a big hunk of flesh out of my arm.  My eye feels OK, my arm must be bruised though, it hurts when I use it to stand up to get something off of the 2nd or 3rd shelf in the kitchen cupboards.


In 2008, I got to meet Andy Fantuz.  He brought me an autographed jersey and two labour day tickets for the handicap section.  Kim and I stayed until half time, it was cold, windy and raining.  Micheal Palmer came with him to see me.  The 3 of us took a photo together.  They both signed it when they got it back, it’s here somewhere?  Kim’s been packing nic nacs around the house, don’t know where it is.  Jody from Impact brought me a football signed by the Riders also that year.  Later on when I first moved to the WRC, Marcus “Chunky” Adams came to see me, a defensive linemen who’s wife worked at the police station with Dave ( who set it up if I remember correctly) came to see me as well.  Instantly noticed Kim’s painting of D.J. Flick from the 2007 Grey Cup on my wall and asked if he had signed my football.  Brought me a T-Shirt that all of the Riders and coach’s autographed.


In 2008 in the Pasqua hospital, one of my dad’s clients brought Lorne Cardinal from the show “Corner Gas” with him, a show filmed in Rouleau and on a sound stage in Regina. Dad’s client was involved with the Prairie Thunder rugby club, the guy in the next room to me was a Rugby player.  Lorne brought a “Corner Gas” rugby jersey signed by the cast of the show 1 of 20 made.  In the Pasqua I had my Fantuz, Corner Gas and Patrick Roy (not signed) jersey all hanging above my bed.  No Toronto Maple “Lafs” jersey allowed in my room.  Only old people cheer for them Uncle Kent, where did you go wrong?


How do you become a contestant on American Idol without ever hearing or knowing one song by The Beatles?  2 of the top 10 had no clue who The Beatles were?  I think it’s because there’s a generation gap between the judges and contestants.  The Beatles are the reason we have boy bands and rock bands!  The Beatles started out as a boy band “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, “Love me Do” early on, which lead to “Come Together” and “Eleanor Rigby”.  They never played Rap or Country music though, as far as I know?


If you’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age, their album will be released in June.  From the photo of the sound board on facebook it looks as though Dave Grohl is drumming on the album.  This link is from their 3rd album which Dave Grohl played drums on.


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Sunday, March 24th


I haven’t checked in with my brother, but looking through the facebook photos from his friends at his birthday bash, it doesn’t look so good.  Hahaha! 


Kim was sick again yesterday, but much better today.  We watched “Zero Dark Thirty” on pay per view last night a must see!  I’ve waited so long to see this movie.  Yeah, we all know how it ends but the movie shows all of the political hoops they have to go through to have anything done.


I did have one problem with it though. Hollywood made a movie about 9/11 just last year called “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”  and now it’s like the day after the Navy Seals kill him and they start making “Zero Dark Thirty”. Yes, he did have is followers kill 3,000 people.  At least let anybody with ties to him grieve a bit first.  To soon if you ask me.


How many people followed Charles Manson and did what he told them?  Same as Osama bin Laden did, he got his followers to do his dirty work.  The Manson family didn’t kill as many people, but it is kind of the same thing.  Why do Americans have to pay taxes to keep Manson alive?  Is it just the number of victims?


Personally, I really don’t know if I’m for the death penalty or not?  Hollywood jumped at the chance to make a film that will make tons of money because it’s like a bad car accident, you just can’t look away.  They killed bin Laden, so what about Manson, who said to prison guards and police “I will kill again if I’m released”.  If that’s his attitude why not just get rid of him, like they did with bin Laden?


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S.  Please voice your thoughts on this topic?


Saturday, March 23rd


Happy birthday younger but bigger bro, behave your self!  Please don’t mix your bottle of Jack Daniel’s with Cadbury Cream Eggs.  Grrooss!


Kim told me that when I was in a coma for how “everlong”.  I had a very high fever.  Tylenol every 4 hours didn’t do a thing.  The hospital had a blanket that had flowing chilled water through it.  I guess that and the Tylenol helped take down my high fever.


I’m fine no need to worry about me. I’m angry that I had cancer, I think anyone would be?  I just don’t need to get angry at a group of people or a certain individual because “there’s no one to blame for why I’m all screwed up”. Sorry, only on facebook, but well worth a few minutes.  “The Best Way To Stop A Bully”


Read this, YIPEE!  I was never a fan, but I almost bought a ticket to see them in Saskatoon when MUSE was opening for them, before I was sick.  MUSE’s last date on the tour was two or three days before they hit Saskatoon.  Kind of backwards if you ask me?


All of my music knowledge “these days” is from the Rock It Out Blog, you can subscribe to it through email, facebook or twitter. Greatest goal you’ll never see, from my uncle Kent.  Very heart warming!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Uncle Ken and Mitch’s birthday is tomorrow.  Uncle Ken isn’t on facebook, Mitch is though. 



We had to cancel the family dinner last night since Kim is so sick, bad cold and a fever last night.  No fever today, but she’s sneezing, coughing, nose is running, etc. I’ve never seen Kim this sick 2 days in a row?  She usually bounces back the next day?


I get to tell you my views on things, so the comment section is for you “to have your voice ring loud and clear” about how you’re all doing?  I don’t have time to ask all of you personally if you want to keep it private, send me an email if you know me or a facebook message without a friend request. I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND THIS FOR KIDS!


I would really like to hear how everyone else is? I don’t know if this is real or spam, but sign the petition if you like.  I did.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher