SIAST (A Technical College)

Thursday, February 28th


I started there  in September of 2001. Kim and I were friends until April of 2002.  April 4th 2002 was our first official date.  We had road trips in school, we went to Saskatoon once and to Edmonton once to tour big printing plants!  Corey and I were in the back seat of a 15 passenger van with our “special” hot chocolates and our acoustic guitars, we provided music along the way to Edmonton! 


Corey and I had made a bet.  First one to lose however much weight won, we both put $5 weekly into a jar at school, until we went to Edmonton.  Then the winner would get the cash, we were stupid though.  We had both lost around 20lbs or so. We shared the $85 I think it was and splurged on ordering the most unhealthy food from Boston Pizza close to our hotel.  Anything and everything up to $85 that we could get, wings, pizzas, appetizers, etc.  There happened to be a liquor store next to our hotel.  The 3 of us guys in the program at the time went there first of course.


We ended up at a bar called “Cowboys” it was ladies night and the show wasn’t over yet.  The girls went in to the area with whatever show was on for them.  The guys had to wait before they’d let us into that half of the bar, which happened to be where the washrooms were.  I really had to pee, I couldn’t wait any longer.  I got in to use the washroom.  I put up my hands to block my peripheral vision and went straight to the washroom.  When I came out the show was still going on, so I went back to the guys area.  Corey found out the hard way that a double jack and coke was $9 I think, from then on it was the cheapest beer for us.  We had alcohol back at the hotel that we had already purchased.


That’s enough for today.  Update on how many times I’ve listened to the Big Wreck album……..299!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S.  Casey Abrams & Phillip Phillips are a part of my regular rotation now.





Kim is watching American Idol, so I left the room so I didn’t have to listen to Nicky Minaj who is the last person I would pick to judge a singing competition.  Keith Urban is a great musician/singer but seems to praise anyone and everyone he see’s.  Mariah Carey does that a bit also.


American Idol has found 3 artists I enjoy.  AAAHHH KELLY CLARKSON!  Along with Phillip Phillips and Casey Abrams.

There’s the 2 singles released by Casey Abrams

Phillip Phillips who won last year!


It’s late on Wednesday night, February 27th



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

STORY & “YESTERDAY” The Beatles!  Of course.


Through all of my life from 4-17 I was playing baseball, until I got to grade 11 I think when I had the confidence to try out for the high school team and wrecked my arm playing on the high school team and the city league team.  I was called up to the A team from the B team once.  I declined though I think it was because the B team that I was on had a game the same night.  Graduated from high school in June of ’98.  Then in September I was in engineering.


I didn’t have a clue as to what career I wanted to have, so I took a year of engineering class’ since my dad did too.  One year was more than enough, I failed most of my class’, mid-terms were good marks, by the end of a semester I was very close to the bottom of the list and failed a few class’.  I pulled an all nighter and got home at 7am, enough time to make some scrambled eggs and go back to school.  That night was an “Around the world” party that I missed since I was so tired.  Must have been the one where Rydell met Candice, they just got married in 2010 I think?


After I struggled with engineering for a year, I took random class’ for a semester to figure out what I wanted to do.  That didn’t help at all.  I went to SIAST in September 2001 a few days before 9/11.  I was a wuss and made a big deal about going to the testing center, they were fairly easy tests if you had done your homework.  You got 3 tries on each test, if you didn’t get it on the 3rd try you would get kicked out of the program. Anything below 80% was considered a fail.  I think I had 2 modules that I went to a third attempt on.  I originally went there to be a graphic designer, I fell in to the printing side of things by accident.


I liked it though.  Very few customers/clients to deal with, which was right up my alley!  I’ve never liked big crowds but 1 on 1 is OK.  Surprisingly I liked being the front man in a rock band, especially with Mitch and Todd to bounce the conversation around to.  Jerry would pipe up once in a while, he was very quiet most of the time though.  I think the last concert we played


Tuesday night, “last night” We went to the  4 Seasons Sports bar for a steak night for my dad’s co-worker’s grand daughter’s fund raiser for Telemiracle.  She’s 9 and auditioned to sing at the event on CTV, but she wanted to have substantial donation to present to them as well.  $20 for an 8oz. Steak, mushrooms, caesar salad, a few lemon roasted potatoes and a glass of beer.


I think the last concert we played was a Telemiracle benefit show too.  They helped my family with $10,000 for our wheelchair van.


I would probably have played more “Contra” on NES if the music sounded like this. All I can think of is Rachel when I hear this.  There’s a video of all of us singing along to it at Uncle Ken & Aunt Shelly’s cabin, all you can hear is Rachel and the rest of us in the background. Next time I walk up 3 flights of stairs to your condo with no elevator WHAT you’ll have reward me with a beer, like last time, and a dill pickle too. Star Wars Music!  Metal. Christmas 2011 on youtube. 



The video of Corey, Kayll, Nolan, Darren and I at Corey and Jolene’s halloween party, dancing to this song, which will find it’s way to youtube someday.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Monday, February 25th


It was a very good weekend, Kim’s parents were here for a visit.  Got here Friday afternoon and should be home by now, they left early this morning.  Tim was here as well this weekend.  I got to spend a few hours with him, chatting and watching TSN Sportscenter.  He flies back to Edmonton tomorrow night.


The big announcement, pre-season baseball has started!  YIPEE!  Right Kim and Sherry?  Sherry don’t yawn when you read this, you watch NASCAR left turn, left turn, left turn, left turn, left turn, left turn, left turn, crash, left turn, left turn, etc.  Hahaha!  Also they’re repeating the ’93 World Series, I’m rootin’ for The Toronto Blue Jays.  They’d better win like they did last year when they replayed the ’92 World Series!


This is even more public than facebook so here, “I feel no (shame)”-Odds


Tim and I don’t agree on everything! Edmonton is getting a new hockey arena, Regina is getting a dome-like football stadium.  Tim disagrees with my take on the whole thing.  My side was that you should only pay extra for an event you are attending, which starts next season for the season ticket holders. Our taxes will also go up.  Tim says they should.  All of the people working on the stadium will boost the economy for the city, they’ll need groceries, rooms to stay in, etc.  That’s great and all but I don’t think that will lower our taxes any.  The rich will get richer is how I see it.  That’s his opinion and mine is different, oh well. Maybe I should ream him out like I used to do when others disagree with me?  Not gonna happen.  It’s part of me just growing up again! Everybody has their own take on what will happen or what has happened.


Uncle Kent, maybe I am a lesbian for wearing a Montreal hockey jersey and not a Toronto jersey?  I like girls, so do lesbians.  Only old people cheer for the “Lafs”! Haha!


Anyways, I have a lot of recorded baseball to watch.  Tomorrow, I’ll pickup on my life story until 2008.  I already know it, it’s getting boring for me, so tell me if I should write about something else, or just stick to the cancer story!  We’ll have this as a “choose your own adventure story” your time to choose.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher



Friday, February 22nd


I really wanted to be in Saskatoon this evening for In Flames (a metal band from Europe).  Kim is not a fan of any metal as far as I know?  She can tolerate a few minutes of it, then she’s done. I (was) eighteen, not 19 the legal age in Saskatchewan, and started bar tending at weddings, Christmas parties, New Years parties, etc. at the Delta Hotel.  I’ve never really been a social person, not a fan of dealing with customers/clients.  But bar tending was the easiest thing to do at the Hotel.  Much easier than serving a 3 or 4 course meal to 24 or 32 people.


After my tour of the Farm Credit Corporation press room and my interview to get into the program.  I worked for a bit at the hotel.  I left to find something different. 


I found myself at the Staples Call Center, dealing with customers.  That’s where I met Stephanie Brassard, Chris Messer, Dallas Williams, Jack P. Ferwerda, Steven Beres, Jason Krieger, Larry Baumgartener, etc.  I was taking inbound calls and emails.  People ordering office supplies from all across Canada.  Thank goodness for the french cheat-sheet Stephanie brought in for all of us in the french cue, that we all had in our own cubical.  They put me in the bilingual cue.  That meant I took english and french calls and email orders.  Later on when I was in SIAST they asked for more part-time hours from their staff.  To much for me, I bailed ASAP, to be more attentive to my studies.  I hardly did anything during the day at SIAST, had coffee or breakfast as soon as I got there until lunch time with a few others.  Afternoons were more productive for me, so were my evenings at home.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I didn’t do much.


Yep, April 4th 2002 Kim and I started dating, lunch at Boston Pizza.  We were friends at first when I got there in September of 2001.  I wasn’t looking for someone to date, it just happened.  “Everything happens for a reason” as Laurie says.


I was already in a rock band at the time.  We played to 500 people in the university’s multipurpose room in the spring of 2002.  Kim, Corey, and Jolene were all their, along with friends from high school and Jack from the Call Center. 


That’s when I discovered that I should not have any alcohol, milk or pop before a show, it messed up my voice, I chewed gum to keep my vocal chords lubricated during a show and drank as much water  as possible too.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Thursday, February 21st


I’m tired of telling my life story. Maybe I’ll pick it up tomorrow? Even soldiers find this catchy and funny, it’s not gay Field! on facebook already.  This was all over 104.9FM The Wolf when I learned to drive. First time I had heard of them before they wrote the “King of the Hill” theme song. First time I heard Eve 6 when Much Music played music videos.  Early 90s I think? I learned this to play with Left Foot Louie when I filled in for Tyler in Minton. Messer suggested MOR learn this.  I thought it would be out of my range, not so, it was at the top of my range. One of my favourite Radiohead songs. The other Radiohead song, from the same album, the 2nd album, “The Bends” 1st time I heard of Jimmy Eat World in the 90s, on Much Music. WARNING METAL.  My new favourite song by them. Local/touring band Into Eternity.  WARNING METAL WARNING METAL  My new favourite song by them. My dad turned me on to “The Cars” when I was a wee lad. One of the many songs I enjoy by Billy Joel Anything by acoustic artist Andy McKee is awesome! This song at the end of “Criminal Minds” the other night, GREAT! Two of my favourites in one. Who remembers this song from the 80s? Mitch had me learn this so we could cover it, good song, may get to heavy for some later on. I won 3rd place at a piano recital playing this song as a kid.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Still Wednesday, February 20th


What is Nicky Minaj doing on American Idol?  Isn’t she a “rapper”?  Now she’s judging singers?  “That was a pageant song.  I didn’t feel like you connected with the lyrics”?  REALLY?  I’m not a fan of anyone judging another persons craft, this is to far though!  What is Nicky’s real hair colour? Nobody knows because she has how many wigs?  That’s a pageant move right there.  Practice what you preach.  Not do as I do, but do as I say?  That’s just wrong!  Millions of people idolize her and look up to her, now she’s telling others what to do and how to do it? “……I’m starting with  the (girl) in the mirror……”


Yes, I was judging others before, I have to grow up and “Keep my stick on the ice” as Red Green says. I’m better than how I was acting!  “I have to make that change”. Nobody else can do that, just me!  Everyone has a different opinion about EVERYTHING! So please voice your opinions as a comment on this blog or send me a message on facebook without a friend request or an email if you now me personally.  Speak up and be heard if you like.  We may have different opinions but I’m not going to try and “fix” anyone! That’s wrong!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Wednesday, February 20th


Kim and I adore kids.  Every baby is quite happy around Kim.  Me not so much.  It may be the beard, glasses or eye patch, not really sure?  Even “Baxter”, as original drummer JBels calls him, wouldn’t come near me for a while. Now he’s a big suck to both of us all of the time, unless there’s a rawhide around.


I did some BBQs for M&M Meat Shop. Rob got me the job, I think it was the summer of 1999 or 2000?  Rob and I were doing a BBQ at Wascana lake for some festival or something like that, he was on one side of the lake and I was ways away at the same side of the lake down the shore line.  I had one of those huge Gatorade containers in the backseat of my Tempo.  We took a lot of precaution and layered my backseat with big green garbage bags.  I drove as slow as possible.  None of that mattered.  When I stopped to get it out of my backseat there was raspberry juice everywhere. Rob’s “Cousin Dave” as we called him took it one evening to have it detailed.  Couldn’t even tell there had been red juice all over my backseat.


I only worked one summer for M&M, should have kept working for them, I got paid to eat.  As many burgers as I liked, within reason.


February of 1999 was our first reading week in university.  Rob, Dave and I drove to Banff for that week.  I got to sit in the back with a guy who was looking for a ride to Calgary.  Rob and Dave thought he might be a serial killer and forced me to sit with him.  I met him a few years later when I knew Chris Messer, a mutual friend of ours.


The three of  us stayed at the Y Mountain Lodge.  The cheapest place we could find.  For some reason we let Dave mix our drinks?  Why oh why?  Bad move by Rob and I, we both had rum.  Bacardi White for me and Captain Morgan’s Spiced rum for Rob.  Dave mixed them backwards though, a shot of cola and a glass of rum.  We all had our own night.  Rob was first.  We went to a bar at 9pm and walked Rob home shortly after.  “Captain Morgan’s kicks ass!” Rob would scream as loud as he could.  It must have been around 9:15pm or so and Rob said to Dave “I puked on my pants” not only his pants but a pool table on his way to the washroom.


Dave and I walked him to our room, telling him not to act drunk when we got to the lobby and waited for an elevator.  It was pretty much a hotel with communal washrooms.  I think Rob sat down next to our door, because he needed a break.  At some point Dave and I were smacking him to wake up.  We got him into the room and he asked us if one of us could “put his contacts in their home”.  I have never had contacts before, Dave had them though.  Dave got to touch Rob’s eyeballs and didn’t like it!  After what seemed like forever everything was good.  Dave and I went back to the bar after we got Rob into bed.


Surprise!  I don’t remember much of my night.  I know I smoked a lot of cigarettes that I got from the girls down the hall from us that we had gone to high school with.  I bought them each a pack the next day.  I was throwing up all night  “I’m a machine” blah, I was yelling all night.  Dave was worried he’d wake up to the room covered in puke.  I didn’t spill a drop.  I filled up our garbage can, so Rob swapped it for another in the bathroom.  When I was done I had filled 1 ½ garbage cans of vomit.  We all dyed our hair as well.  I picked Corvette red that faded to Flamingo pink, and a blue chin beard, Dave had bleach blond hair and Rob had blue hair and blue dye down his neck.  Our friends down the hall just had to ask the bouncer at any club if someone with red hair and a blue chin was at whatever bar to find us.  I know Dave had his night, I don’t really remember it though.  He had vodka and Coke and let Rob and I mix his drinks.


My night was before the day we were supposed to go skiing with another Dave who is now Rob’s brother-in-law.  I was far to hungover to do anything, I slept in, bought the girls cigarettes and went to find a place that served breakfast at 2pm.


When I got home I was wearing a fisher men hat that said Banff on it.  We pulled into my parents driveway, mom and dad came out to welcome us home and my mom said “Nice hat” so I took the hat off to reveal my pink hair and she yelled something like “Holy Crap!” so everyone on our street could hear it.


I had to work at the Delta hotel the next day.  So I had to bleach my hair so it wasn’t pink and shave my tiny beard.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S. What a waste of time and money???!!!  Go ahead and separate then, make your own currency, have everything in french, pretend you’re France and consider yourself a country in the middle of Canada and take all of the french street names out of Manitoba?  Everybody happy now?  48% of Quebec would be! I don’t speak Italian either!  Maybe I should file a complaint too?!


Tuesday, February 19th


So glad IME is back together with Brian Byrne as their singer and not Edwin (who did not write any of his lyrics).  Mitch has had a chance to see them, I haven’t yet.  They came to Saskatchewan twice before so I’m not expecting them to come here any time soon.  I saw them in Saskatoon with Edwin and Moist played as well, I’m so not a Moist fan!  Once here in Doris Night Hall, the basement of the Conexus Arts Center with Brian.  As far as I know those are the only times they have been here.


I have figured it out!  I can be angry and pissed off, I have every right to.  I just don’t need to upset anyone.  If I need to vent Kim or frikkin’ HUGE Mitch have told me to vent to them.  I don’t like upsetting Kim, so be ready Mitch!


I started SIAST in September 2001 after the labour day weekend.  That’s where I was for 9/11.  I was at home when the first plane hit and thought it was a mistake by the pilot? The 2nd one hit while I was at school.  Didn’t really think much of it, until I got home around 4:30pm.  When the 2nd plane hit I was in the library studying.  Everybody was getting a TV and a room to watch the whole thing unfold.  Then I got home and it was on every channel.  It was impossible to ignore.  Why would someone do this?  Why were Bush and Cheney not around? OH………….because they were in different states, OK, that’s why.


Back on topic here.  I think Corey started SIAST in December 2001, not entirely sure.  We both played guitar, we both liked similar music, we both liked poutine, we both liked chicken wings, we both liked beer, etc.  The first thing we said to each other when I took my guitar and amp to his house to play guitar with him was “I have enough friends already”.  Surprise, surprise, we had room for quite a few more.


I spent almost every Thursday night at Corey’s town house with Corey, Kayll and occasionally Russ.  Kayll would wake up in the morning and ask “Where did we get the DVD player from?”  It was mine that I would take over with a few concert DVDs.


I wanted a HUGE wedding party, I had Mitch as my best man and then Rob, Dave, Corey and my cousin Ryan as our ring bearer.  I wanted Tim, Rydell, James, Jay, Cam, Chris Thompson, etc. involved.  Corey and Jolene were dating a month or two before Kim and I had our first date at Boston Pizza for lunch April 4th 2002 (I hope that get’s me some brownie points).  We were married on May 7th 2005, Corey and Jolene were married in September of that year.


I’ve always been a negative person, even in early 2000 my parents told me to see a social worker at the university.  I saw a guidance counselor twice in grade 12, 1998.  I’m pretty sure it was playing/singing in rock bands and being with Kim that made me happy finally.  Even in high school it was music that made me happy, band, choir or whatever was in my Disc Man at the time, it just wasn’t enough all of the time.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S.  I fell last week in the house, in my wheelchair, backwards.  My guards weren’t down.  That tiny bump into the kitchen is my nemesis.  Falling backwards is not as bad as falling on your face, because you can’t see what you’re falling on to.


Sunday, February 17th still


Just some links to music I enjoy. A Queens of the Stone Age song off of “Lullaby’s to Paralyze” I have enjoyed the majority of their music, just not the “Era Vulgaris” album Ed Sheeran an acoustic artist Dave Matthews Band Phillip Phillips, a similar artist to Dave Matthews.  (last years American Idol) Casey Abrams also in the top 11 on American Idol 2 years ago.  Mellow and jazzy Matthew Good Band off of the album “Beautiful Midnight” Matthew Good as a solo artist John Mayer off of the recent album “Born & Raised” I’m not much of a country fan, this song by Kenney Chesney and Dave Matthews is spot on though. Full of language but right I think.


I hear Kim blasting Micheal Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”, don’t want to miss that.  I do find “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen catchy at least right now, if I hear it to often I’ll get sick of it.


“Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, feel what I feel, THEN maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do ’till then don’t judge me”.-A page on facebook full of quotes. I think that would apply to  everybody.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher