Wednesday, January 23rd


Kim wants to hire movers for everything.  I don’t know what money pit she fell into, but she’s not sharing, Hahahaha!  I would like to move with our bed and the armoire We are moving mostly so I don’t scrape my knuckles on every door way.  The doors will be 36” wide as opposed to 32” which is normal, but a tight squeeze for my wheelchair, with the doors off of the hinges.  Also Kim won’t have to do yard work on her own.


We first went to find a bathroom sink. We picked one I could use, it was low enough that I was able to use it for shaving.  I never would have thought of that being important. We then went to “Sears Home” and picked our appliances.  Again, I don’t know where Kim’s getting the moola from?  “Sears Home” has all of the appliances we need, but we’re getting a $3,200 credit from the builder, that will cover the range we picked out.  Our washer and drier are new, they’re coming with us.  Everything else will be a new appliance.  I guess we’ll “….put it on credit and then forget it. Don’t let it bother you no more, no more.  Put it on…..”-Arrogant Worms.  Couldn’t find a link to the song, just the full album


Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp are my least favourite actors along with Keeanu Reeves.  Keeanu didn’t have to stretch much for “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and then it went down from there IMO.  The 2 DiCaprio movies I like are the “Departed” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” with Johnny Depp.  Johnny Depp has to do something different than the usual thing with Tim Burton or on “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Lots of people are big fans of them, they’re just not my style.  Kinda like Nickelback, millions of fans, probably the new Nirvana, just not to my liking. 


Nobody famous or local sucks, they have millions of people who like whatever it is they do.  Doesn’t mean you have to like it.


“Remember, there is always someone else having a worse day than you or I”.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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