Sunday am, Deeruncember 30th.


Watched a movie on Netflix, YIPEE!  I don’t like change, who does!  I don’t want to watch movies off of a laptop, iPad or Smart phone.  I don’t like those things!  To small and hard to see for me!  We watched a movie on our 51inch TV off of Kim’s laptop from Netflix.  We couldn’t figure out how to get the sound to work?  I can’t get to the back of the TV to help Kim out. We had to blast the sound from her laptop!  I could have called my dad, it was late though.  1-800-George.  Just like mom, 1-800-Kim, for computer questions.


As long as I have a cable/PVR box, big screen TV, iPod, head phones, stereo and a desktop computer I’ll be fine.  Getting movies, TV shows and music off the interweb sucks in my opinion.  I will purchase DVDs, blu-rays, local CDs and Tool CDs for as long as possible, until everything is on the interweb and everything else is considered an endangered species.


Yes, we have two flat screens, a 42” enhanced definition TV and a 51” 3D TV.  With one eye I can’t tell if a movie or show is 3D, I have no depth perception, and it makes Kim sick after a few minutes.  We have a blu-ray player that takes DVDs as well.  That’s all I need.  Our vehicle is a 2009 Santa Fe, 2010 is when they added blue tooth to the vehicles, we just had to buy new tires for it, it just got a stone chip that spread instantly into a crack all across the windshield.


I so don’t want a cell phone, iPad or laptop.  I’ve joined the Social Network, that’s enough for me.  I have no desire to “tweet” or be connected to the world all day everyday.  Face time and Skype don’t want or need them, tried face time on Kim’s iPhone with my parents, not a big fan of it.  With all of this technology nobody will have to actually speak to another person in privacy at, the grocery store, home, movie theater, concert, retail store, etc. 



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S. Check out Andy McKee on youtube, acoustic instrumental music, AWESOME!  Or “Hey ya” by Andrée 3000, acoustic version by some other guy, also AWESOME!

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