7pm, Sunday, Deeruncember 30th


I haven’t posted on anyone’s wall just the photo of Porkchop junior.  Some stupid hacker got into my facebook account. When I woke up and saw this I deleted a status update on a distant relative and changed both of my passwords.  Just to be safe.  As I said on my facebook wall, share this with whoever you like that knows me, or needs to hear a good story.  They don’t need to “Friend” me on facebook or email me, they can just comment on this blog if they like.


I think just about everyone is/was a Micheal Jackson fan.  Then Nirvana came along in ’91 and changed music for everyone.  I didn’t get into the “grunge” scene until ’97 when the Foo Fighters 2nd album was released.  I went straight to Alice in Chains.  In ’99 the Foo’s released their 3rdalbum in November.  Still listen to old Alice in Chains.  All of those “grunge” bands would have been up the creek without a paddle if Nirvana didn’t release Nevermind, which I still listen to.


When AIC came out they were lumped in with the metal bands (I saw this on some documentary on MMM).  Imagine a world without Nirvana.  Country would be the same, pop is not as popular as it was before Nevermind was released but it’s on it’s way to the top again, hair metal went away and is classic rock now, etc.


Here is a 2 hour interview from last year about Nevermind with Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselich and producer Butch Vig.




Metallica was probably just as influential.  But I’m not a fan of them, still, or AC/DC.  Listen to every bass line in AC/DC “………….Oh, I’ll just ride the E string/harmonize up top on my 4 string bass………….”.  Now pop music sounds quite a bit like the country music nowadays and there are no new rock bands coming out that I enjoy.  The only one I can think of is My Darkest Days.


I still listen to the latest Foo album from the spring last year, and any Big Wreck album.  Then lot’s of different stuff like Norah Jones, Phillip Phillips. The Dave Matthews band, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Micheal Jackson, INXS, old Finger Eleven, IME/I Mother Earth, Naveed by Our Lady Peace, any Soundgarden album, Harry Connick Jr., The Kings singers, Phantom of the Opera, Ignite by Econoline Crush, Stevie Wonder, old Prince, In Flames, Lamb of God, Trivium, Into Eternity, The Watchmen, etc.  Not enough hours in the day for me! 


I wasn’t a fan of Whitney Houston, she was using drugs for a long time and 1 day she probably did to much, and dug her own grave.  Sad to see anyone die, but did she ever consider what she was doing to her body? 


Jennifer Hudson on the Weight Watchers commercials, it’s not her song, it’s MUSE from their 2ndalbum in the early 2000s.





“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher



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