5:30pm, Saturday, Deeruncember 29th


TV, movies and music are all different to everybody, for example(s).  Corey loves Seinfeld, me, not at all I can’t find the humour in it.


Everybody said “The Hangover” was hilarious.  Kim and I went to the movie theater to see it, by the end we were still waiting for it to get funny.  Neither of us even chuckled.  Mitch wasn’t a fan of “Bridesmaids” we loved it. Kevin Smith doesn’t care for any “Lord of the Rings”, just the “Star Wars” series.  I like both.


James loves Rush & Metallica and doesn’t care for Foo Fighters, prefers Thornley to Big Wreck.  I love Foo Fighters & Big Wreck.  Rush, Metallica & Thornley I’m not a fan of them much.  Everything I’ve heard by Rush (the entire catalog up to 2008 when I could download anything for free), they are some of the best at their instruments, Geddy Lee singing is like nails on a chalk board to me.  Thornley was not a bad filler until Big Wreck got their act together, didn’t sound much like BW to me though.


I’m not a huge fan of Metallica either. Just the song “Master of Puppets”, “I Disappear” and the Symphony orchestra album.


I don’t think Sherry and James are fans of “Friends”.  Kim & I watched the whole series on DVD (it’s me with all of it on DVD).  We came into our wedding reception to the “Friends” theme song.


Our first dance we argued over what song it should be.  Kim wanted Paul Brant’s “I do”, I wanted something far away from country music.  Then Jack Johnson released his 3rd album “In Between Dreams” and we both loved that album.  Laurie bought the record and had it framed for us as a wedding gift, it’s in our hallway almost 8 years later.


This was our first dance song.


I can’t play a thing of his on guitar, before cancer or now!  I know Everette is not a fan, most of the metal heads in town probably aren’t either.  Regina has a HUGE metal scene, with 2 of my favourite metal bands in town.  Into Eternity and Itchy Stitches.  Into Eternity actually makes the effort to tour, Europe, Canada & America. 


Not everyone is a fan of metal music, but that’s on my iPod to fall asleep to.  Grunge and Metal, mostly.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher  

One response to “TV, MOVIES & MUSIC

  1. What?! You don’t find Seinfeld funny. But your explanation makes sense, everyone’s different. Some people find Brent Butt funny. Honestly, that man and the word funny shouldn’t ever be used in the same sentence (but that’s my opinion).

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