“MUSIC BRINGS THE PEOPLE….” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJO-SGeb7yE

Sorry, I had to sit through the first chorus of that.


DEERUNCEMBER 27th, later on.


I don’t know of many people who enjoy Madonna.  Along with most of my friends and my immediate family who don’t like Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Default, 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mud, etc.  Chad Kroeger from Nickelback is right. “Nickelback doesn’t suck 8,000,000 people don’t think so.”.  That was before they got HUGE with “How You Remind Me” all over the radio.


Let’s face the facts, Nickelback is the new Nirvana.  Nickelback is all over Regina’s Rock station, 104.9 The Wolf.  Nirvana changed the path of music for the 90s and Nickelback will/has changed music for the 2000s.  Oh well, just have to wait for a decade or so for someone else to change the musical landscape. Almost everyone still calls Dave Grohl the most influential musician in the past 21 years.


He swears like a sailor live, even offends me a bit, and that takes a lot!  I’ve only seen Foo Fighters 3 times, they should tour more of Canada when they end their hiatus. They’ve played with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Lemmy from Motorhead, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen, David Bowie, Slash, etc.


Everybody but Metallica and Guns N’ Roses.  Nirvana was supposed to play the tour where James Hetfield of Metallica stepped on a pyro machine and burnt himself in Montreal. Then GNR walked off stage cause Axl Rose had a hissyfit and everybody started a riot all over town.  I don’t think Nirvana wanted to play on a tour with Axl Rose.  Nirvana won an MTV award and made fun of Axl at the time in their speech.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher




P.S.  I’ll buy CDs of local artists and TOOL, and the rest on iTunes

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