3:30, Thursday, DEERUNCEMBER, 27th


How could I not blog about the holidays so far?


I was spoiled rotten by Kim’s family and my side of the family.  iTunes, $135 and it’s gone already, I still have a short list that I would like to purchase.  I had $50 from Mitch and $60 from Corn Pop’s and $25 from Santa/Sherry in my stocking.  I have 13 cents left on the account.


Kim and I had my family’s Christmas on the 15th and 16th of DEERUNCEMBER.  We slept over the night of the 15th.  We had planned to be up in Kim’s hometown, but James had to work, so Kim’s parents and brother came here to Sherry and James’.  We went to the house on the 24th and stayed until the afternoon of the 26th.  I got honey roasted peanuts, gift cards for iTunes and Best Buy, blue whales, my Roughrider season tickets with a deposit on my Grey Cup ticket, etc. And then my birthday is a month away.


Watched “The Dark Knight Rises” with my parents the other weekend, you need to see the first two in order to understand the third one.  My parents tell Mitch and I hear every year “Oh, you won’t get as much for gifts this year”.  And then they go overboard with more gifts.  As long as they keep sayin’ “you won’t get as many gifts”, that’s fine with me!  How many blu-rays did they give me?  6 I think, “The Dark Knight Rises”, 2 “Russel Peters”, “The Amazing Spiderman”, “Prince of Thieves” and “Ted” then a bunch of other stuff.  Same deal with Kim’s family, we have a draw for who to buy for and keep it under $100.  Then they all go crazy on stockings.


No Gerry, I have yet to nibble on my 10lbs Toblerone, maybe for an afternoon snack I’ll have some.  I’m gonna wait until later and finish it this year so it’s a challenge! Like my 1.5 pounds of  Old “forte” cheddar cheese at SIAST in an hour, it took me 1:04 to eat that brick way back when, didn’t poo for 2 days!


Corn Pop’s got a box of Corn pops for Christmas.  I was sure he’d get me some Sunny Boy, I got a box of Raisin Bran, like I need to poop more, right Cam and Robin M.?


A big thanks to Rachel for getting me 4 liters of beer for the Fraser Christmas!  I didn’t drink it all in one sitting.  I paced myself over 2 days!  Merry belated Christmas to everyone, the world didn’t end.  We’ll do it again next year I guess?



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


P.S. I’ve tried following everyone on facebook, just to time consuming.  Please send me a message or email and let me know how your Christmas was

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