MUSIC, (…………….AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN &AGAIN…..)- I think it’s a song by Aerosmith, not really a fan other than “Dream On”-

Noon, Saturday, DEERUNCEMBER 22nd


I really enjoy a ton of music, Kim is always telling me I’m a human iPod.  Being a singer in a cover band and learning rhythm guitar for all of the songs, how could I not be? When I first started with singing in our band, I was terrible.  I never practiced but Jeffrey asked Dave a few years later if the band had a new lead singer.  NOPE!  It was the same old me.  I think we started the band in 2000 or so?  By the time we played Beerfest on 2002, I was much better, Candice (Rydell’s wife now 10 years later) asked me for an autograph, she still doesn’t have one, even though I’ve offered quite a few times. 


Beerfest was our biggest show.  My biggest show yet, 500 people.  After the first song was done I wasn’t nervous.  Some songs didn’t need two guitars, so I was just a singer, no guitar to hide behind.  That made me a little uncomfortable.


After we made it to our goal we didn’t know what to do?  We just learned more cover songs, were paid very well and played anywhere and everywhere we could.  I think at the peak of our band we knew 30+ cover songs and had 7 originals.  We left town twice to play at Pense Elementary school for 2 of their school dances. 


Mitch was or had taken his bass lessons so he and I would play “Steal my Kisses” by Ben Harper now and then.


Pense was the furthest out of town we played.  Just at any bar in Regina all of the time, even the old Plains Hotel.  I couldn’t put anything in my car one night, because there was a guy in handcuffs on the ground behind my car, we walked down the street to  2 for 1 pizza, then went back later on and found out the police were looking for a gun.  A convenience  store down the street had been robbed.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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