9pm on Sunday, DEERUNCEMBER, 23rd


Yes that’s the reason for this entire web site.  As I have said before, pass it along to anyone who might know me, or needs to hear a story.  I survived, is everybody happy that I survived and lash out at random people now?  That is not how I was raised, or why Kim married me.  I was very polite before this all happened.  I was negative, anal and stubborn before, and I’m even more so now.


Who really want’s to work out everyday? I know I don’t!  I know I have a lot of people backing me, expecting the best from me.  I am so far away from being normal or perfect. That’s the reason this site is titled “A Million Miles Away”.


I’m angry at the world from time to time.  Everybody gets angry for some reason or another.  Me, just way to often!  Then somebody, anybody gets an angry message from me, even Kim gets upset about the things I do when I’m angry. 


Even with however many hundred friends on facebook and email, sometimes it feels as though nobody cares.  I survived though so I’m fine, I am thinking about going completely off the grid, no cell phone (like now), no facebook and no email.  Kim has all of those.  Why do I need all of them?


I don’t have or want Skype, a cell phone, iPad, laptop, etc.  I like being a hermit/grumpy old man.  TV and music are all I need.


When this blog slows down.  I may just use my email once a week and nothing else.  I have never been a social butterfly ever, even though I was the front man for every band I was in.


If anybody thinks I’m playing the role of a victim, DON’T because I’m not.  Just expressing my feelings in a public way!



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

2 responses to “CANCER

  1. Dear Chris,

    It’s Christmas eve, and have been thinking how you have been doing for the last few weeks.

    Have a great christmas and have an egg nog for me 🙂


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