3pm, Thursday. DEERUNCEMBER 20th


Rydell and I thought we would have more time once we graduated university/college.  SNAP were we wrong, I have enough (4) an acoustic/electric, and 3 electric guitars 2 in standard tuning which one of I have never tried, the one signed by Ian Thornley of Thornley/Big Wreck.  My first guitar is a green knock off of a Gibson Les Paul, extremely heavy (for a guitar) and very comfortable, tuned in drop C# as a gift on my 21st birthday.  The 2nd is a black Epiphone (Gibson’s cheaper model) black explorer that Kim gave me for our 1st Christmas together.  All of my electric guitars have a meaning to me. My acoustic guitar, not so much.  It’s a good instrument but I bought it myself.  The rest of them, all gifts.


I have never taken a lesson, everything I know is mostly from tabulature books/websites.  My brother took bass lessons as far as possible.  That’s why he, Rydell, Corey and Messer played lead guitar.  I am very slow playing lead/solo parts. All in all Rydell and I don’t have as much time or moola as we thought, man we were dumb!


This will be my last blog before the Holiday season probably.  So everyone have a good Holiday week, I’ll still be on the computer of course, just not blogging.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher

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