6pm on Monday, November 26th

There were more than 7000 people at the Grey Cup in Toronto!  It almost sold out 53,000 fans, The Blue Jays sell out the place on a home opener, 55,000 seats plus the hotel with windows to the field.  I wasn’t there but it should have been any where else but Toronto, Montreal or BC, if you ask me.  I saw quite a few Rider fans on TV, all wearing their green & white!  Next year the Grey Cup is back where it should be, REGINA!

The half time show with Bieber, Carly Rae, Gordon Lightfoot and Mariana’s Trench, was not controlled at all!  The fans booed Bieber.  How many of those people get booed at their job?  No right or need for that!  I’m not a fan of Bieber, but I wouldn’t waste my energy on booing him, that’s his job!  Should I boo the people at 7-11 because the nachos aren’t to my liking?  NO!   

This was the 100th Grey Cup, back where it all began.  At least the Argonauts were in it and won!  I assume not many people in Toronto knew they had a team until the week leading up to the game?!  Kind of like the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup for hockey last year!  “OOOOOOOOOOOO WE HAVE A TEAM?……THEY WON?”  Say it in a Scooby Doo voice, and let the hilarity consume you!

I don’t know what I’ll watch for sports on the weekends.  No hockey (Thanks Bettman, do you want to mess up the league completely?), CFL or MLB.  I can not stand basketball, NFL, golf, curling, etc.  I watch the Blue Jays, CFL and some hockey.  That’s all folks!

Cancer, it will probably affect me forever, I don’t think my eye will heal like the Doctors thought it might, oh well.  I did my exercises at home again today after breakfast, 3 sets of 30 crunches and push-ups along with yoga and pilates.  Then the same thing in the afternoon.  I don’t know or care if I’ll be able to walk again.  Maybe I’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life?  Then Kim & I will get the best parking spot where ever we go and make a reservation at any restaurant, just because I’m in a wheelchair.

As for the best guitar player in Canada and the USA?  Ian Thornley, Tim Roth, Alex Lifeson and somebody else I can’t remember.  USA, Matt Heafy from Trivium, he was inspired by James Hetfield of Metallica, but I don’t think Hetfield could keep up with Heafy.  I played very simple rhythm guitar parts so I could sing.  I have never been able to play a fast solo on guitar, I haven’t taken any lessons.


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher 


Friday @7pm or so, November 23rd

The Grey Cup is this weekend, WHOPY!  I don’t know what I will watch with no hockey on, Bettman needs to get his head out of his butt!  

The 100th Grey Cup should not be in Toronto!  Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary or Hamilton.  All of those city’s are full of die hard CFL fans.  Who gets married on Grey Cup weekend?  My parents and Dave and Liz!  I do hope JBels (Justin Bieber) will draw some Americans to watch the game.  Most Canadians watch the Super Bowl!

I guess I’ll have to watch a bit of NFL after Sunday.  Because,

Happy weekend I’ll have a beer or two during the so should any CFL fans!


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher 


12:30 or so in the afternoon, Friday, November 23rd

I’m not a metal head I just enjoy some variety.  Now that Kim and I will be moving to a condo, one floor, no basement, I’ll be getting my music off of iTunes.  I hate that, there are quite a few things that iTunes doesn’t have.  No Tool, I Mother Earths “Blue Green Orange”, Big Wreck with the TSO/any orchestra, B-Sides of a single, etc.  And it isn’t as expensive as it should be, .99 for a song, that is ludicrous!  Pay for the actual CD until the time comes that you’ll have to get your music off iTunes.

We/I have far to many CDs for us to move, 600+ I think.

Not much on the tube today, it’s black Friday in America.  Yesterday was their Thanksgiving.  America may be a juggernaut, I’m glad Obama won the election, if I was American I may have voted.

I only enjoy a sampling of metal music not everything metal, 7-10 bands.  I have never considered Tool to be a metal band, just very heavy rock music!  I always purchase their CD, not just because they’re not on iTunes but there is something different on each CD case!  3D photos on the last album, Hologram on the 3rd album, plastic sleeve on the 4th album, etc.   

This stuff about paying full price is true.  I used to download music for free months before it was released, and purchase the album on CD the day it was released.  Kim did not agree “Do you have that already?”, she would ask me.  If I said “yes” she’d roll her eyes at me and walk away.  There is not much point in me purchasing a CD anymore, I can’t read the liner now with one eye.  iTunes it is from now on!  


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher 


8:30pm or so on Thursday, November 22nd

Like I said, I’m not a fan of the “rock” bands coming out these days, so pop it is!  Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars it is.  I finally found the Bruno Mars skit from SNL!

The only musician mom, Mitch and I agree on.  Take a look at this song, mom is sick of it!

Change the 1st line of the chorus to this and then everything that rhymes with grenade, “Our toilet’s a BEDEE for ya…………..”

Yeah I spend to much time on youtube.  Watching live musicians, musicians being interviewed and serial killer videos.

Bruno Mars’ new album comes out December 11th, the day after we see Big Wreck live, in the 6th row at the Conexus Arts Center, I still call it The Center of the Arts.  Same with the Brant Center and Mosaic Stadium.  Agridome and Taylor Field.


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher 


It’s just about 1pm Thursday, November 22nd

Lots of people call Dave Grohl the most influential person in music in the last 21 years.  He was the 5th or 6th drummer for Nirvana.  It was almost a year to the day that he joined Nirvana then put out Nevermind, and knocked Micheal Jackson off of the no.1 spot on billboard.

Here is a link of Foo Fighters recording their 3rd album.  Not for kids at all!  Earmuffs!  Make your kids plug their ears and hum.  He’s not drunk in this clip, just playing drunk.

Now they are on “hiatus”, that sounds like they will break up, Dave G. wouldn’t abandon music though.  I saw the photo Corey had mentioned about “Queens of the Stone Age’s” mixing board Dave’s playing drums on their upcoming album.  He also does “Tenacious D’s” drumming, in the studio.  Plays the Devil in their videos and in the movie “The Pick of Destiny”.  

Mitch was really into Finger Eleven at least the 1st two albums and most of the 3rd album, he can’t stand the two recent one’s now.  We both got into them around the same time on the “Rainbow Butt Monkeys” album.  Just a different drummer.

I got my own breakfast, as usual, Kim had to get the syrup down for my eggo’s though.  I even poured my own juice this morning without spilling.  That may sound minor to everyone, it’s a big step for me! 


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher 

PS I’m fine, no need to worry about me, or walking on egg shells around me!


Just after 6pm, Wednesday, November 21st

Yes, I don’t consider any music that I listen to as a guilty pleasure, maybe “I’m to sexy”-by Right said Fred and a few songs by Maroon 5, which I have yet to purchase!

Kelly Clarkson is among the many artists I enjoy.  Who doesn’t like Micheal Jackson or the Jackson 5, really?  So is my sampling of metal music.  Into Eternity, Itchy Stitches, Trivium, Lamb of God, In Flames, Tamaraze, Theocracy, Pantera, Alter Bridge, The Agonist and the 2nd album by Devildriver.  Just because they all play heavy metal does not mean they worship the Devil.

As Chad Kroeger said “Nickelback does not suck (however many) million people don’t think so!”.  I am not a fan of those bands that all sound alike to me.  It isn’t any of them that inspired me to pick up a guitar and sing!  I like the “grunge” era, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, etc.  The groups that changed the path of music.  

There aren’t many “rock bands” out lately that I enjoy, My Darkest Days isn’t terrible though.  I really hope that Theory of a Deadman play last on the double bill with Big Wreck on December 10th

I’m sure I will purchase my music from iTunes once they fix the whole entire problem with purchasing rare or unreleased songs.  Until then I will purchase CDs of my favourite bands and iTunes for bands that are just OK.

Yes, I’m a listener of music right now my guitar just gets me angry/frustrated then I drop an (F-Bomb) to myself.  It came to me very easily before, I was just playing simple rhythm guitar before, nothing to complex.


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher


Past my bedtime on Wednesday, November 21st

My only sibling, my bigger but younger brother.  Like Sherry says about Kim.  Of course he was the best man at our wedding.  He had just turned 18 in March, we were married in May.  Just in time to sign our Marriage certificate!  

We may be 7 years apart, but we grew up together.  I may have shot those really hard street hockey balls at him and broke a rear light on our Chevy Caprice  That was unintentional though.  He got me back though, unintentionally.  We were living in my grandparents house for 1 or 2 years while my grandfather had to work in Ottawa.  I had built an underground snow fort, Mitch (3 years old) jumped on the top while I was inside, making the snow fort cave in on me.  I was fine, just calling him to dig for me.

My grandparents had a big Birch Tree, and Mitch has hay fever (not Bieber Fever).  We (the 4 of us) would  play hide & seek.  Mitch always hid under the Birch tree with the long hanging branches.  He was easy to find, the tree was always SNEEZING at us! 

Dad tried to race with Mitch down the hall in our apartment.  Mitch was in diapers at the time and ran straight into the edge of the kitchen wall!  Mom was very concerned.  That may explain a few things though.

His friend down the street came over quite a bit.  I was supposed to babysit them while mom and dad were out.  We played football in the living room instead, tackle football.  I was on my knees to make it as fair as possible.  We played it very often, them against me.  I tackled Mitch and he hit his head on our piano at the time.  He was bleeding so I gave him a cold facecloth to put on the wound and told him repeatedly “don’t tell mom”.  Now he can’t grow hair there, lol!  He has a scar on the back of his head!  That could explain quite a few things as well.

A few years before I had cancer he worked at Quiznos for a few years.  Kim and I took advantage of free subs or $4 meals.  That will account for the free slurpees I’d get for him after school, but not for the potty training.

Mitch would call for me “CHRIS, COME WIPE MY BUM!”.  Even when we had company.  Mom went to do it for me once, he sent her back to get me.  So for the rest of my life if he’s here when I go to the washroom I’ll yell “MITCH, COME WIPE MY BUMB!”. 

We never fought or argued like siblings often do.  Now he let’s me now if I sound like a %^&@! whatever I’m turning into on the blogs or on facebook.  He is much smarter and funnier than me, not so sexy though.  Rachel really?  He farted on your leg, burps like nobody else but Rob.  Mitch isn’t even aloud to fart in our house or poop in our bathroom!

Sorry everybody else, being in a band with Mitch was the most fun I’ve had, even when he got grumpy recording the Chemical Horizon album.


“Hubby Boo Boo” aka Christopher